Summa introduces GoSign software for roll cutters


Summa GoSign is a new software update from Summa for its GoSuite platform and it is designed to get the most out of the company’s roll cutters with greater flexibility. Following the launch of GoSuite software platform two years ago, Summa’s in-house software has already proven to increase the value of the Summa product range. GoSign is the user’s first choice cutting software that allows them to manage their preferred workflow with great flexibility. The software includes everything a user can expect from cutting software and is bound to exceed expectations with many additional features. Unique to the software by Summa is the level of adaptability to the preferences of the user. Summa’s aim is to offer software solution that perfectly matches the user’s workflow and both support and improve their way of working. GoSign is a Windows-based production tool that acts as a bridge between the design software and a Summa roll cutter.