Drytac offers new guide to get right social distancing signs


D rytac has compiled a new, free guide on how signs and graphics can be used effectively and safely to inform and provide guidance to people in accordance with government guidelines. As lockdown restrictions are eased and everything is transitioning to a new normal, businesses are finding that floor graphics, wall displays and window signs are essential for non-verbal communication. Graphics can convey safety information such as social distancing, hand washing guidance and queuing systems, and to alert customers about updated services or opening hours. Drytac’s new guide ‘Open, Innovating, Moving Forward’ is intended to help retailers and installers to choose the correct graphics solutions that meet these requirements. The guide outlines what to look for—from fire ratings to slip ratings to FDA approvals. The guide is available to download for free now by visiting: https://www.drytac.com/socialdistancingsolutions/