Mehta Cad Cam Systems unpacks three key products to boost innovations to another level

Being innovative is the key in this unprecedented time. Recognising this need of the hour, Mehta Cad Cam Systems unpacks three key products, which form a perfect combo to take innovations to another level. The products are RasterJet UV roll-to-roll printer, REX flatbed cutting plotter and VEGA-48 laser cutting system.


Corona crisis has hampered the market, forcing many organisations to at least temporarily stop operation. In such situation, PSPs must use their skill and technologies to find innovative ways to reinvent themselves while bouncing back strongly amid the market challenges. Mehta Cad Cam Systems offers some key products to boost innovations to next level with which sign makers can respond to the current market situation, ultimately demonstrating their resiliency.

RasterJet UV RTR printer

Manufactured in its own factory at Ahmedabad, Mehta Cad Cam claims that their newly launched RasterJet 3.2 m and 1.8 m UV roll-to-roll printers are considered to be the systems suitably made with perfection in its class. The printers feature RICOH Gen-5 printhead. Customers adopting these printers will get better customer support and readily available spare parts. Mehta Cad Cam’s long experience in manufacturing different types of laser cutting systems, laser engraving systems and CNC routers has helped them make highly accurate, precision UV flatbed and UV roll-to-roll printers.

REX flatbed cutting plotter

Mehta Cad Cam boasts of manufacturing their own flatbed cutting plotters in various sizes which are designed to cut foam-sheet, sun pack, soft board, different types of fabrics, leather, PU material (artificial leather), corrugated sheets, etc. The cutting plotters also have creasing function through which one can make standees, corrugated box, etc. Latest in the portfolio is REX flatbed cutting plotter, which is also supplied with camera to cut all sorts of materials. REX is an affordable machine which is technically at par with international brands.

VEGA-48 laser cutting system

VEGA-48 is newly introduced high-quality acrylic CO2 laser cutting machine, which has 4×8 ft working area with ball screw system and Panasonic AC servo motor. Featured with heavy duty construction with 300 watt glass laser tube, this laser system can cut acrylic up to 40mm thick in high precision and highly polished quality.

Mehta Cad Cam mentions that VEGA-48 is the right machine for those looking for cutting high thickness acrylic at high speed.

In today’s pandemic crisis, the meaning of innovation gets closer to its original Greek term kainotomía, literally means ‘opening new ways, directions and understandings’, which Mehta Cad Cam is doing notably by offering this complete combo of printing and cutting solutions.