Rangoli Digital gains new growth in business with HP Latex 3100

When Mangaluru-based Rangoli Digital set about finding a production printer for its ambitious signage projects of big corporate customers, they embarked upon HP Latex 3100, a workhorse that could give them the scope to grow, deliver a wide variety of outstanding applications and cope with large print runs. Core competency and advanced features of the HP printer fulfil what all the company would ever sought after.


Rangoli Digitals is a complete production house for graphic designing and printing of all graphic arts applications. Ever since its inception in the year 1995, the company has been standing out in the crowd by creating exceptional quality prints. “We never rush, for both business and customers. Our craftsmanship as well as best-in-class machines we use define who we are. Adoption of HP Latex 3100 is a milestone in our journey. This system helps us garner rapid growth in our overall business,” says Raghuveer Nayak Manel, Proprietor, Rangoli Digitals.

He continues, “Our ultimate aim is to fulfil our customers with what they want from us. We offer them a full in-house design service as well as printing and installation.” Rangoli Digital has its separate advertisement wing called ‘Identity Rangoli’ which helps them offer complete signage solutions under one roof. Raghuveer adds that the brand ‘Rangoli Digitals’ thus gets recognised and acknowledged for quality in production, outputs and service for over the last two decades.

A tradition of quality

Rangoli Digitals maintains a tradition of quality in its overall production and end products. Behind such competency is the company’s line of cutting edge machines and technologies installed in its production facility. “We quickly realised that the HP Latex 3100 would be a great base for our business,” mentions Raghuveer Nayakshe. He adds that the machine is designed perfectly to produce such a wide variety of applications, which include fully printed vehicle graphics, in-store wall & floor graphics, outdoor banners, COVIOD-19 posters, among others.

When asked about why they chose HP Latex 3100 over other printers in its class available readily in the market, Raghuveer mentions that this 3.2m HP Latex printer meets all their needs. This Latex system is perfectly designed to respond fast to urgent needs for quality prints of their customers. On the role of Insight Communication, which supplies the printer, he says the HP dealer plays an important role in the investment. “The phenomenal service of Insight always makes an incredible difference. They are on call whenever you have a question,” remarks Raghuveer.

Peak production parity

The graphic arts market is moving towards increasingly shorter turnaround times, there has been ever growing necessity for PSPs to be competent for commitments towards work in quality that customers expect. In the same time, achieving the costs needed to remain profitable. In this context. Raghuveer Nayak says that HP Latex 3100 is capable to respond to peak production in 1200 dpi resolution.

With the capability to produce the highest quality for demanding signage and any other graphic application, which includes both interior and outdoor graphics, it delivers the speed, quality, and versatility to meet peaks in production, avoid outsourcing, and meet all contract commitments. “There are a lot of advanced features of this machine which impressed us in the first place. The prints are completely cured inside the printer, forming a durable print that’s ready for instant finishing,” mentions Raghuveer Nayak.

Built on the benefits of third-generation HP Latex ink technology, HP Latex 3100 features profound technological innovations, which include highly efficient workflow features that enable Rangoli Digital meet increasingly shorter turnaround times.

Client base

Rangoli Digital boasts of a vast client base comprising corporate players from diverse industrial clusters. To name a few, the list includes Corporation Bank, Canara Bank, Syndicate Bank, Reliance Footprint, VIVO, Lifestyle, Takishq, ACC, Samsung, Kurl-On, Ambuja Cement, Lifestyle, Hindustan Petroleum (HP) and others. “We work all sort of signage and graphic arts projects for our corporate customers. It could be whether creation of corporate brochure or in-shop branding, we do everything our customers want us to do. And we are capable to do all because we are well equipped with versatile machines like HP Latex 3100,” says Raghuveer.

What next for Rangoli Digital with HP Inc? Answering to this question, Raghuveer Nayak says they are gearing up for adoption of an HP UV system soon after the COVID-19 disturbance in the market is totally subsided. He mentions that the UV system will likely be shipped from Russia.