New business opportunities in the new normal


There is no stating the overwhelming effects of the current scenario on both our personal and professional lives. The rapid pace of technological change has transformed the graphic communications industry. Yesterday’s print methods no longer support the business requirements of today or the future.

Today’s challenges bring with them new opportunities for businesses to connect with their customers like never before and the latex printing industry is no different. A new era is expected to be ushered in the new normal. Businesses are gearing up for changes and the latex printing industry is expecting a surge in opportunities that can be leveraged. Download this eBook to learn more about the new business opportunities in banners, graphics, signage, and much more.

Some of the major opportunities we will see are:

  1. Floor graphics: To maintain social distancing, stores, banks, and other consumer-visiting places, there will be floor graphics in place. Latex Inks last really long and are scratch-resistant thereby making them a top choice for floor graphics since there will be constant wear and tear.
  2. Roll-up banners: The easiest way to create impactful signs is by using roll-up banners in empty areas. Entering the new normal for a lot of businesses is entering a new era in shopping. For malls and stores especially, it will be a priority to have colorful signage that mention their offers if they have any. Roll-up banners are also a great way for smaller businesses that don’t have larger storefronts to showcase what they want to sell.
  3. Large banners: OOH advertising has always used large banners to advertise. In the new normal, these banners could be used to educate and alert customers of the importance of social distancing, sanitizing, and maintaining responsible behavior in public spaces. These banners can be used not only for malls and outlets, but for businesses, office buildings, and other public spaces as well.
  4. Store signage: Given how businesses were closed for almost three months due to the current situation, a lot of stores will have to change their store signage for it to look new again. The wide variety of substrates on which Latex Inks can be used makes it a top choice for most businesses who are looking for longevity and quality in their prints.
  5. Digital décor opportunities: With consumers spending majority of their time at home, they will look to replicate moments of indulgence, travel, favorite spots/themes, within their own home. This new behavior leads to increase in opportunities for personalized custom-décor applications like curtains, blinds, cushions, lampshades, etc.

HP Latex Inks are the only proven water-based inks in the industry capable of printing on a wide range of coated and uncoated substrates. The fact that latex prints dry instantly and offer same-day delivery also accounts for its astounding success. HP Latex Prints are certified by EcoMark and are good for the environment.

HP Latex Inks have been created to deliver vibrant colors and to enable customers to benefit from its higher productivity and efficiency. Furthermore, consumers’ increasing demands for premiumization, personalization, sustainability, and speed-to-market will only continue to propel the growth of digital print technology.

Download this eBook to know more about how you can leverage these opportunities for your business in the new normal.