Versatile flatbed printing can open new business avenues for you!


Growing technological advancements have led to an increase in customer demands when it comes to variety, quality, and sustainability. In a competitive environment, where innovation is the driving force behind success, it’s important to meet the market demands by staying updated. So, how can you ensure that your business continues to thrive? Explore new applications with the right technology and welcome more business. Here’s an ebook that tells you how to print on Aluminum Composite panels. Embrace versatile jobs while maximizing uptime and meeting production deadlines.

  1. Packaging – Deliver impressive customized packaging with HP Latex Inks that allow excellent bending and folding without cracking.
  2. Outdoor signage – Durable and vibrant with water-based HP Latex Inks that offer high adhesion and scratch resistance 2
  3. Window graphics – Wow your customers with glossiest high-opacity white that don’t turn yellow over time1
  4. Events and exhibitions – Rigid or flexible, offer color consistency on all substrates with ink that is ideal for indoor usage 3
  5. Decoration – Print on a variety of substrates like wood, aluminum, glass, ceramic, and acrylic with prints with no smell 3.

With HP Latex R Printer Series, you can transform almost any surface, be it rigid or flexible, to deliver quality output that will amaze your customers. An exceptional hybrid solution, it’s equally strong in both the substrate choices on a single device with a quick changeover. Offer more choices with more substrates with foamboards, acrylic, textiles, and even ACPs and win new business. Deliver striking prints on ACPs that are suitable for fabrication processes such as bending and folding. With an incredible new vibrant HP Latex color gamut, you can breathe life into prints and set yourself apart from your competition.

If you’re tired of watching whites fade to yellow over time, then we have excellent news for you. Achieve the glossiest of whites1, even on ACPs with the white HP Latex Ink. It’s an industry breakthrough that lets you add value to your business while welcoming new applications. Maintain the textured surface of the media and color accuracy even while printing on non-white ACPs.The HP Latex R Printer Series is capable of printing white and colored inks in four modes, depending on the intended application and media to be used. These are:

  • Underflood
  • Overflood
  • Spot mode
  • Sandwich mode4

Get guided and assisted workflows for easy learning and less learning curve for professionals using the printers.

Get more out of your HP Latex printers with HP PrintOS – print production operating system with web and mobile apps5 that help you work smarter and simplify production. HP Latex printer owners can access this open, secure cloud-based platform virtually anywhere, anytime.

With HP Latex technology, you get more than just a machine. You get peace of mind, smart workflow solutions, automatic processes, fewer interventions, fewer errors, and smart serviceability. While exploring the HP Latex R Printer Series we have only scratched the surface here. To know more about how you can advance your business and gain new customers we have an eBook for you. It explains how you can print on different types of aluminum composite panels, including white and other finishes.

What’s more? Get insights such as 6 tips to achieve impressive prints on aluminum composite panels. If your interest is peaked, we recommend you download the eBook and read and learn how you can expand your business opportunities.

1. Glossiest white on transparent and colored media. Glossiest white based on internal HP testing in January 2018 compared to the HP Scitex FB750/FB550 Printer using UV-curable ink technology. White ink measured for the level of gloss at 60 degrees on a rigid material (acrylic). Tested using Glossmeter BYK micro-TRI-gloss (20°, 60°, 85°), compatible with ISO 2813 and ASTM D523 relative to glossiness measure. High opacity and resists yellowing based on internal HP WeatherOmeter testing October 2017 with 1 dot-per-pixel HP Latex Overcoat, on a range of rigid and flexible unlaminated substrates. Yellowing based on L* and B* of white underflood samples. White ink capability may be optional, requiring purchase of the HP White Ink Option Kit.

2. HP Latex Overcoat improves scratch resistance on low-cost prints where lamination may be impractical or too expensive. Scratch resistance based on internal HP testing in January 2018 demonstrating equivalent scratch-resistance performance for prints produced with HP Latex Inks for the HP Latex R Printer series and HP Latex Inks for the HP Latex 1500 Printer that provide scratch resistance comparable to representative hard-solvent inks on self-adhesive vinyl and PVC banner. Estimates by HP Image Permanence Lab on a range of media.

3. There is a broad set of media with very different odor profiles. Some of the media can affect the odor performance of the final print.

4. To be available at a later date.