Discover the light out of the darkness of COVID-19 crisis

When the coronavisus causes a major disruption within supply chains in the signage industry, there have been instances of positive reactions in businesses among signage players helping medical professionals on the frontline, providing public signage solutions and supporting customers to fight COVID-19. Sadly, many businesses fail during this pandemic period and they will suffer even after this period. However, signage players have the potential to survive, to grow and do profitable businesses during and after the lockdown period. Let’s see why!


A chunk of leading signage companies as well as machine and material manufacturers all over the world keep doing successful business to fight against COVID-19. In India too, some PSPs are busy making COVID-19 awareness signage and products for many government departments. This means that the signage players are actively involving in the battle against the pandemic crisis. This will continue even after the lockdown is over or their need will surely be increased.

In fact, like the packaging sector, the momentum of business in the signage market will be picking up when the lockdown is open. Even during the lockdown period, companies like Arlon play a vital role in keeping communities safe and informed. The company understands the challenges businesses are facing, that’s why the team Arlon has been committed to doing their part in assisting in any way they can. The team has come together to create downloadable signs for everyone, such as COVID-19 Prevention Signage, Physical Distancing Signage, Prevention Posters, Healthcare Signage, Restaurant Signage, General Open and Closed Signage and Curbside Pickup Signage—all downloadable free from

More than 70 stars of stage, screen and sports field have joined forces to send heartfelt ‘NHS We Thank You’ campaigns directly to NHS medical staff working hard in the fight against COVID-19 in the UK. NHS is publicly funded healthcare system. As part of the burst into the applause to thank NHS staff fighting the coronavirus, Thameslink Railway joins the move and shows gratitude with its trains being wrapped with slogans reading ‘NHS We Thank You’ – Key Workers Supporting Key Workers’.

With the raising concern about a lack of community masks, Durst comes forward to offer its support. The company devoted all of its manufacturing resources at their Brixen headquarters to producing community COVID-19 masks’. The masks are produced in the first step for employees of Durst Group and sister company Alupress and afterwards the production capacity is also be available for other companies. The know-how for the production of the ‘community masks’ will be made available to interested PSPs worldwide through Durst branches.

The Durst ‘community masks’ have a filter membrane that has high filtration efficiency and at the same time is characterised by very good air permeability. The membrane is subjected to a detailed effectiveness test in the Durst laboratories. The masks have a 3-layer structure, the polyester fleece textile materials are comfortable to wear and washable, the filter membrane can be disinfected with alcohol and reused.

Likewise, many other international companies are mobilizing all their resources towards the production of personal protection and care products, signage solutions and others so that their customers can battle against the COVID-19 pandemic as a united force. Signs Express, a popular signage player in the UK and Ireland, introduces a line of temporary signage solutions such as floor graphics, health and safety signs, labels and stickers and so on. Sharjah-based iGraphics Sign Advertising LLC is another signage player whose solutions are unique and innovative. The company produces ‘acrylic sneeze guards’ which are transparent and designed to install at counters to maintain social distancing in a safest way.

Now, signage players in India must be prepared with similar approach, mobilizing their teams, technologies, experience, and production capacity to harness the new business opportunity emerging amidst the hard times of COVID-19 crisis. Playing a significant role in protecting the health of devoted health workers fighting against the dreaded virus to providing all kinds of public awareness signage solutions, a lot has to be done by signage players in such situation. As soon as the lockdown is over, there will be steep demand for all new signage solutions that have never been made before, such as social distancing floor graphics, acrylic sneeze guards, re-opening signage & banners, take-away signage & vehicle graphics and many more.

In the post lockdown, businesses cannot simply rely on scruffy pieces of tape to encourage social distancing. They have a poor effect on a brand and potentially pose a health and safety threat when they curl. The most effective piece in such trouble time is a branded floor graphic designed specifically for a shop or a location. Many companies may not be aware of custom-designed floor graphic solutions for a specific space. So, signage players must edify this requirement.

Businesses re-opening after the long lockdown will surely need to advertise their resumption to their customers. In this, they may depend on how creatively a signage work can be a help to them. Whatever their situation, signage companies must counsel them of the best opportunities—be in form of a banner, display board or posters or others. For bars and restaurants, fear of COVID-19 will still loom large for a while—no gathering, only take-away will work instead. This means creating new signage and display boards for their premises will be the new rule. In addition, wrap vehicles to advertise their new services will be also a solution.

COVID-19 has created a lot of nuisance, but this is a totally new experience for signage companies who should monitor the situation differently and look for ways they can support their customers through this difficult time with business to another level.