Trends PSPs must follow to boost large-format printing business

As flex and vinyl printing becomes a traditional model and a common commodity, the need of the hour for PSPs is to gear up for moving into new and niche market domains to tab new business opportunities and higher profit margins. For this new move, they have to leverage new business models and ultra-modern printing machines and technologies that not only produce outstanding quality prints but also help them gain long-term survival in the cut-throat market competition.


The digital large-format printing market has been transforming from traditional model into a more advanced and integrated norm with e-commerce becoming a pre-requisite for PSPs to thrive their business to another level in this age of digital technologies and transformation. E-commerce platform triggers greater demand for on-demand print jobs in shorter turnaround times or even same day delivery. If PSPs are remained in the traditional zone without switching to these new trends, they obviously will not able to survive in competition and surely lose business.
10 Trends in Large-Format Printing You Need To Know

Thriving web-to-print

When it comes to grabbing new tools in digital transformation, web-to-print is vibrant and a new business model that not only putting a business online but flourishing in many aspects. The technology has helped PSPs open a new avenue for invention and innovation. The complete online approach of web-to-print makes everything easy as clients can upload complete designs using their mobile or PC or laptop so that orders can be made online hassle free. This platform is where customers find one-stop solution for all their requirements in terms of choices of designs and graphics. And this is a profitable platform for PSPs as it helps them network with their clients without spending much on marketing and promotional front.

Easy and flexible jobs

From mass corporate brand printing to in-store graphic projects, PSPs must engage hugely in web-to-print printing platform. They can use highly advanced and integrated web-to-print software solutions for catering in different segments as every customer has demand for different jobs/applications and convenience of ordering. For any job or application, be it full size standee, huge banner, back drop and everything in wide-format graphics, web-to-print software can set accurate dimensional fitment in terms of height, width, material and quantity. Customers usually want to see how their products will look before printing. If given an opportunity, they would also like to upload their own high resolutions images or mix & match with different images before it goes for printing. When the large-format graphic files or design templates are heavy and not possible for customers to view on phone screen, this is where PSPs require authentic web-to-print software for wide-format printing.
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Escalating megatrends

Sustainability, Globalisation and Digital Transformation are three megatrends which are shaping the future of the digital large-format printing industry. Today, 73 percent of millennial population is willing to spend more on a product, if it comes from a Sustainable brand. It’s estimated that Globalisation will gain a new momentum by 2025 as half the Fortune 500 companies will be headquartered in the emerging markets and Digital Platforms will be the new eco-systems.
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Going with new trends

Following the latest market trends and adaption to new technologies will be one of the most effective ways for PSPs to gain work and survive in competition. Apart from knowing all conventional ways of doing business, it’s essential for them to live up to the contemporary for not losing business. The new trends in the industry is that customers nowadays demand for instant delivery, customized items, eco-friendly and sustainable prints or products, etc. In this, PSPs must not shy away themselves from keeping pace with new trends to meet the newer demands from customers.

Top 10 trends

There are top 10 trends which are shaping the large-format segment in 2020. These 10 global trends are compiled by HP in its e-Book titled Top 10 Trends That Are Driving The Large-Format Printing Industry to guide and inspire PSPs, helping them to take their business to another level across the vast landscape of large-format print production.
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