UDGAM ’20—OSRAM’s First Ever Signage Partners Meet In India Conducted At Udaipur

Attended by over 30 signage partners from all over India, OSRAM hosted its first ever Signage Partners Meet of India in the city of lakes, Udaipur, Rajasthan on January 09-11, 2020. At the three-day event, OSRAM Digital Systems successfully showcased its existing as well as new & upcoming range of signage lighting products & solutions.


Headquartered in Munich, Germany and founded 110 years ago, OSRAM envisions “Light for a Better World” by using light to improve Health & Well-being, Mobility, Safety & Security and Connectivity.

The event was kickstarted by Mr. Nitin Saxena, Sales Director (Asia South & Australia) with a flashback of the company’s history on its establishment dating back as early as 1906 when the OSRAM trademark was first registered, followed by a series of acquisitions and transformations. OSRAM opened the world’s most advanced LED plant at Regensburg in 2003. During the period 2017-19, the company digitally transformed itself into a photonics company, calling it #TheNewOSRAM revolutionizing from ‘Illumination to Photonics’.

“Previously, the focus of OSRAM was on illumination, which means the emission of light, but today it’s about photonics enabling new applications such illumination, visualization and sensing. Photonics covers the entire technological range of visible and invisible light. OSRAM utilizes the infinite possibilities of light to improve the quality of life for individuals and communities. The systems mentioned here are meant for LED components, advanced smart lighting and digital ceiling.” mentioned Nitin, adding that the New OSRAM moves from lighting components to enabling systems.

The meet was moderated by Saurabh Sagar, Sales–Signage (West), DI Digital Systems, OSRAM Lighting Pvt. Ltd.

OSRAM in India is headquartered in Gurgaon with its branch offices in Mumbai and Bengaluru. The company’s signage distribution partners are ITMS (Delhi), Horizon Greentech (Mumbai), JK Lighting Solutions (Chennai), Alfab Marketing (Cochin) and NR Industrial Corp (Kolkata).

In the Indian signage market, OSRAM has significantly captured the banking and automotive sectors. “With many public and private sector banks and almost all the automotive customers specifying OSRAM signage LED solutions for their signages, we are now focusing on other sectors as well, such as mobile handsets, organized retail, oil, telecom and consumer durables for further expansion,” asserted Shishir Jain, Head–Signage Sales, DI Digital Systems, OSRAM Lighting Pvt Ltd.

The entire range of existing and new signage product portfolio of OSRAM as well as their applications were showcased during the meet. The existing signage product portfolio of OSRAM consists of modules, power supplies, flexible strips, rigid bar, front lighting, drivers & controls, shelf lighting and factory lighting. This includes Dragon Wing G1, BackLED M CP G4 Series, BackLED Plus Series, Single LED XS CP Module Series, BackLED ECO M Series, Edgelight Series, Basic Linear, Sky LED, Flexible Strips, Power Supply Series, Electronic Ballast and Surge Protection Device.

The new products launched at the meet were BackLED Core Xperience(a high lumen cost effective signage module),variants of ECO M G2 series, high output range of BA M CP G4 series, non-PVC “Green” module, single Led slimmer module, two-led module, higher wattage power supplies. All these products have high quality specifications adhering to OSRAM global quality standards.

Robin Cheng, Head of Modules – APAC, DI Digital Systems, OSRAM Lighting Pvt Ltd, threw light upon various products and their specific applications. He emphasized upon suggesting application specific product to end customer in order to generate customer delight.

Another key product presented at the meet was Dragon Wing, a rigid bar for flex vinyl signage box, which is designed to replace tube lights. Dave Zhou, PM Modules – APAC, DI Digital Systems, OSRAM Lighting Pvt Ltd, explained the product’s unique features and competencies. Dragon Wing is a rigid bar that operates on 24V, ease of application in indoor and outdoor environments, and it’s available in 2ft, 4ft and 5ft lengths. With 50,000 burning hours, this product comes with 5 years outdoor warranty.

In the technical presentation session, application specialist N Madhushree, DI Digital Systems, OSRAM Lighting Pvt Ltd, explained about the overall lighting fundamentals, lighting & signage terminologies, stretch ceilings and layouts, focusing on luminous flux, luminous intensity, illuminance, luminance, luminance efficacy, glare, colour temperature, CRI (colour rendering index) and beam angle. “Quality of light is subjective as many variables play into the perception of light quality, age, height, location, etc,” she mentioned.

UDGAM’20 reflected upon the current market scenario and opportunities andstrategizing for a brighter future for the Digital Systems Signage segment in India. An event, the first of its type for OSRAM, can easily be called a celebration of the milestones, with folk dance performance, fun quiz, teambuilding & engagement sessions as integral part. The three-day meet that brought learning, knowledge sharing, bonding, fun & excitement and so much more, will be marked as the stepping stone for many more successes to come.

Till then “Ram Ramsa”!