VADS Puts Up Absolute Wayfinding Solutions Around Godrej Aria Premium Residential Complex

VersionAbsolute Design Studio (VADS) has been working on several brands and residential developments in North India, which include three of Godrej’s residential developments, namely, Summit, Aria & 101. All of these developments are located in the burgeoning new sectors of Gurgaon in Delhi-NCR.


Client: Godrej Aria & 101
Location: Gurgaon, Delhi-NCR
Works: Wayfinding solutions

The design scheme of VADS extends the Godrej brand colours as into the site identification strategy for developments with multiple sites of Godrej’s premium residential complexes, viz. Godrej Summit and Godrej Blue for the single site developments (Godrej Aria & 101).

Primary Wayfinders

The Godrej logo colours are implemented into the wayfinding scheme to identify the sites and destinations. These signs are the primary signs in the site to guide vehicular traffic. The signs are developed using retro-reflective surfaces for vehicular information. In addition, these signs guide and direct the commuters within and out of the parcels to the towers, parking and to the destination within each land parcel. These signs follow the suggested land parcel colour coding systems.

The vehicular direction signs are made with in retro-reflective vinyl with only the information reflecting light. The remaining sign information base is in an opaque overlay.

Sign Designs & Structure

The emphasis of sign designs is on navigational information required for primary destinations. Only the wayfinding text & icon (everything in white) is in retro reflexive vinyl. Accent/land parcel colour and powder-coated section are in aluminium. These sections are made demonstrable for the ease of repair and maintenance. The base is non-reflective and the green textured 100 mm square posts are powder-coated.
Vehicular speed limit is mentioned in every sign in retro-reflective vinyl with retro-reflective bands.

Tower Identification Signs

One of the most annoying things about driving into such a multi-tower development is locating the tower that you want to go to. The tower identification signs are large aluminium letter signs visible when you are driving in or in the pedestrian area going from one tower to another around the complex. These building signs are installed on building facades near the building lobby drop offs, both by pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Pedestrian Level Wayfinders

These are the pedestrian level wayfinders. These signs are neither illuminated nor in reflective media, but are designed to be read in the development’s landscape level lighting.

Building Lobby Signs

Building lobby signs, which are channel letters, are mounted on the entrance canopies and illuminated. These signs are fixed on two surfaces on the entrance canopies—one on the front elevation and another facing the site vehicular circulation.

Lift Lobby Landing Signs

The building lift lobby landing signs are mounted within the elevator lobbies to direct people to the residences and to inform them of the landing levels. The internal elevator lobby unit direction signs are made of perforated aluminium sheet with 3D acrylic laser-cut floor numbers. Fire safety information signs are in auto-glow sheet incorporated into the sign to form a comprehensive unit and importantly, it avoids the fire information being applied as a separate sign within the space. The signs are designed with no visible fixing detail yet they are easy to remove for maintenance.

The perforated aluminium framing is 25 mm deep with floor number (cut letter) finished with lower panel so as to seem like a seamless finish. The gloss PU is painted 10 mm thick acrylic sheet with laser-cut text to expose the perforated surface behind. The text panel is matt powder-coated aluminium sheet with all texts and info designed with 3M exterior grade vinyl. The information surface is matt lacquered.

Internal Unit Direction Signs

The internal unit direction signs are made with perforated aluminium sheet with 3D acrylic laser cut floor numbers. The club direction signs follow the same design vocabulary as the internal unit direction signs.
The club direction signs follow the same design vocabulary as the internal unit direction signs.

Entry Signs & Totems

The entry signs include direction & gate nomenclature signs along with project branding totem. The entrance sign in closed face aluminium channel letter fixed to wall and entrance totem is aluminium clad structure with illuminated channel letter text.

Easy Maintenance & Upgradation

Wayfinding for residential projects, unlike commercial or retail projects, should be designed with the least possible need for maintenance. The way the team VADS has designed and engineered these signs allow for easy maintenance and upgradation of information during the product life cycle. These signs are designed to be modular and the information panels, which are the panels most likely to require upgradation & maintenance, can be easily removed and resurfaced and finished in a factory.

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