Coronavirus Outbreak In China And Its Impact On Signage Sector In India

Sonal Khurana
Sonal Khurana

Since the declaration of coronavirus outbreak in China as a global emergency we feel its impact in India as well. Several market sectors in our country have direct dependence on supplies of various products and raw materials from China. The signage sector is no exception. The sector has been shaken up by the outbreak to an extent. We now start facing supply disruptions for machines and materials from the country.

We feel sorry to find out that the outbreak, which till the latest report had spiked and sickened close to 65,000 people and led to deaths of nearly 15,000. As a result of the fatal situation, two leading signage expos in China— APPPEXPO 2020 and D.PES Sign Expo China 2020— have been postponed with no appointed dates for resumption. The disruption will take its toll on upcoming expos in India as well. It will hold back the participation of Chinese exhibitors and visitors from the country.

Apart from imports, China is an important export market for India. Many companies in India, like media manufacturers in the signage sector as well as other raw material producers, would be worst hit if the Chinese economy does not recover soon from the coronavirus disruption. As per the database shown by the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE), China was India’s third largest export market, after the US and United Arab Emirates in 2018-19.

Here the alarming situation in the signage sector is that if the outbreak continues as a long-term disruption in supply of machines and materials it could surely bring far-reaching economic consequences. Only the supplies in India who have stocked machines and materials may get some temporary relief or advantage in such disruptive time. However, if the situation continues, not resumed in time, there will surely be worse consequences in India in due course of time.

Another consequence that is likely to hit the signage sector in India due to coronavirus disruption in China is ‘price rise’. This will surely be the result of interruptions in supplies. In such situation, many economists in India suggest that this is not the time to gloat over China’s problem. We need to look at opportunities but to offer help and assistance in real terms since the impact may hamper our own growth.

In this issue, we have an exclusive coverage of some of the country’s leading signage players based in different cities. We shed a spotlight on their outstanding works and landmark projects. These players boast of working for big corporate bands and it’s common to see their works in unique in-store branding projects, building wraps, etc in metros and big cities across the country.

After all, let’s pray together for China’s victory over coronavirus.

Sonal Khurana