GCC launches AFR-24S auto sheet-fed cutting & creasing solution


GCC has launched AFR-24S, a high-level digital blade die cutting & creasing with an automatic sheet feed system. The system enables the optimised process with versatile capability for short run production simplifying overall operation through automatic working procedure. In combination with a cutter and an auto sheet feeder, AFR-24S provides the advantage of creasing function with dual tool holder up to 600 gsm cutting force and 1,530 mm/sec cutting speed in the digital sheet feed solution that can crease and cut at one time sheet by sheet instead of manual operation to generate maximum profit in sampling, folding carton packaging, customisation cards, labels and stickers.

In addition to existing excellent functions, new model of auto sheet feeder in AFR-24S provides an additional selection of extension plate which allows sheet sizes up to 620×710 mm. Besides, new media collection tray of the system has been upgraded with a new design of rotating hinge which is assembled on top of the connecting bracket of media collection tray. The angle of the rotating hinge is adjustable, so that the gradient of the media tray can be adjusted to a proper position to collect the finished jobs. For more details, visit: www.GCCWorld.com.