Drytac offers right graphics media for captive audience


When it comes to captive audience for branding, one can’t get much more focused than an elevator—exterior or interior. Brand may only be exposed to the display for a few seconds at a time. It means it must have an immediate impact. But if it gets right, there’s incredible potential for engagement. Elevators, situated in environments such as airports, hotels, casinos and convention centres, offer a great opportunity for semi-permanent advertising campaigns or displays. In this, Drytac SpotOn White, for example, is ideal for short-term elevator graphics. This printable vinyl is designed for use on smooth interior surfaces such as the metal box of a lift. It is compatible with UV, latex, solvent and eco-solvent printing technologies, and is available in clear or white, matte or gloss finishes. (Authored by Brad Haupt, Regional Sales Manager, Drytac)