Eco-friendly materials help Chester Zoo in London go green


Covering the areas around Chester in London, including Deeside, Frodsham and Ellesmere Port, the award-winning company Signs Express Chester is responsible for a large amount of signage visible in the area. One such project is with Chester Zoo, which is the most visited zoo in the UK and home to 27,000 animals across 125 acres of zoological gardens and attacks 1.9 million visitors each year. And with that kind of footfall, way-finding and signage plays a critical role in the smooth running of the zoo and visitor satisfaction, so Chester Zoo teamed up with Signs Express Chester in order to deliver a first-class zoo experience. A key material that has been used in the project is Endutex’s Terra Banner, distributed across the UK by Soyang Europe. Terra Banner is a PVC-free, 220gsm polyester banner with a special resin coating, providing excellent whiteness and colourimetry.