Signage players in Haridwar & Roorkee going for next technology level

There is vibrancy in the signage markets of Haridwar and Roorkee, two serene and scenic cities located on the flat terrain under the Sivalik Hills of Himalayas. Signage players in the region are dynamic and looking at next-level development in business. Most of them are gearing up to update their existing production facilities with new, advanced and next-level machines. They share how they have grown from time to time and their next level plans in exclusive chats with Jyaneswar Laishram from Sign & Graphics.

Maa Vaishno Enterprises (Roorkee)
Aiming to be a complete Player
Vishal Goyal

It has been just over the last five years Maa Vaishno Enterprises emerges as a leading sign maker in Roorkee. “I was working in the medical industry, which was totally different and nothing related to signage. But what it clicked on my mind was the growing potential in the signage market. VK Enterprises helped us find the way to success in business. We first opened our production facility with the installations of a VK-Jet 3200 printer and an IDS 1325 CNC router,” says Vishal Goyal of Maa Vaishno Enterprises, adding that the portfolio then upgraded with a Colorjet Neptune roll-to-roll solvent printer.

Today the company’s clientele consists of a host of corporate companies which carry out promotional campaigns all over Uttarakhand. When asked about some of their long-term major customers, Vishal mentions UltraTrech Cement (Aditya Birla Group) and Mankind. “For these customers we indulge in all sorts of projects, be it outdoor campaigns, shop-front displays and many others,” he adds. In addition, Maa Vaishno is a corner where walk-in customers are swarmed throughout the day.

About the company’s next development plan, Vishal says they are gearing up to upgrade their production facility with new machines for laser engraved items and t-shirt printing. “T-shirt printing is what we are planning to introduce soon at Maa Vaishno Enterprises. This segment is expanding as demands for flamboyant t-shirt graphics are surging among young generations,” he mentions. The company has a team of seven well-trained sign making professionals who involve in production of unconventional signage items made of wooden jali, ACP letters, MDF board, etc.

Maa Bharti Advertising (Roorkee)
Every customer’s trust

Though relatively young in the market, Maa Bharti Advertising has gained its popularity in the signage market of Roorkee. Established in the year 2012, the company currently runs a VK-Jet 3800 printer in its production facility. “As of now we manage everything with the VK machine. But we keep plan to add new machines to enhance our production volume,” says Rajiv of Maa Bharti Advertising Co. The company has a team of five production staff.

Over the years, Maa Bharti Advertising has been working for a host of unique customers. “Being a company located in the region where world famous religious shrines are located, we are fortunate to work for many temples and holy places all over Uttarakhand,” mentions Rajiv. In addition, the company is a sole signage provider for RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) and VHP (Vishva Hindu Parishad). “We are closely engaged in all signage projects of the two organisations,” says Rajiv.

Regarding the signage markets of Roorkee, Rajiv observes that PSPs in the city are going for advanced machines and technologies. “Advanced technologies like latex and UV are quite in naïve stage in the region. However, there is need for such advancements in print production, because demands for innovation and high-end graphics have been increasing. In order to attune to such trend in the market every one of us must adapt the technological changes from time to time,” he comments, adding that there is vibrancy in the region’s signage market.

Bansal Enterprises (Haridwar)
Sole supplier of inks & media
Gourav Bansal
Gourav Bansal

When it comes to supplying inks and media to PSPs in and around Haridwar and its neighbouring cities, Bansal Enterprises is a source for all qualities and quantities. This sole supplier of inks and printing media has been in the region’s signage market for sometime. The company over the last five years has partnered with hundreds of PSPs across Haridwar, Roorkee, Rishikesh, Dehradun and Haryana. “We also have a branch in Delhi, which is mainly for covering the capital city. From our Haridwar unit, we supply around 5-6 containers every month,” says Gourav Bansal of Bansal Enterprises.

Some of the popular media brands available at Bansal Enterprises are Jindal Flex, Starflex, SENFA, Super Sign and others. The portfolio also includes AT Inks as well as Polyfix glues and adhesives. “Jindal Flex is one of the highly demanded materials among our customers,” mentions Gourav. Regarding textile media, he says demand for textile materials in the region is relatively low, which is why they keep only 10 percent in their stock. SENFA and Sun Star are the only textile media they supply to their customers as of now in the region.

Bansal Enterprises has a team of 15 staff who manage everything including supply and logistics. “To maintain on-time delivery of materials we have our own mini trucks which ply to all over the places,” mentions Gourav. Regarding the growth in the region’s signage market, he mentions that there is increase in demands for media and consumables among their customers. “It’s good to see that India-made products like Jindal Flex and AT Inks in our portfolio are most highly demanded brands among our customers,” comments Gourav.

Going with changing trends
Guru Tyagi
Guru Tyagi

Satya Graphics is a brainchild of two brothers—Prasann and Sravan Kumar Tyagi. The brother duo started the company just a few years ago, with a solicitous guidance from their father, Guru Tyagi. “My younger son Sravan is a graphic designer who is filled with full of talent and ideas. He was looking for something new, say a new venture, where he could exploit his creativity. Then it was the signage market which he embarked upon,” he narrates.

“I was not able to join the business because of my busy schedule in a government job. Today, I am retired and joining my sons in my free time,” says Guru. He adds that Satya Graphics is at a very beginning stage, looking forward to adding new machines, equipment and activities. Currently, the production facility of the company is barely equipped with an Allwin printer with Seiko printhead. Photo-framing is yet another core activity of Satya Graphics. A team of five experienced sign making professionals are in the company’s team.

Satya Graphics works for mixed profiles of customers in Uttarakhand, western Uttar Pradesh and Punjab. “When we talk about our client list, it contains some of the leading schools in Roorkee,” mentions Guru, adding that the company has also been working for a chunk of prominent brands in the FMCG sector. Some of the schools in Roorkee which have been in the client list of Satya Graphics are Montfort School, St John’s School, Scholars Academy, among others.

Surging to upgrade technology
Puneet Kumar
Puneet Kumar

Incepted as a popular sign shop in Haridwar serving customers all over the city and neighbouring areas, Vinod Art Service was just a brainchild of Vinod Kumar, a commercial artist who painted signage and promotional graphics during the 80s. This sign shop has been upgrading from one level to another. Today, Vinod’s son Puneet Kumar is involved in the overall development of the company. “From time to time we keep expanding our activities and updating our production facility. In the year 2002 we opened a digital large-format printing division by installing an Infiniti 1633-B printer,” says Puneet Kumar of Vinod Art Service.

“We upgraded our production facility in the year 2006 with the installation of two brand new eco-solvent printers—Roland SP540i from Apsom Infotex and Aurajet Series-II from Colorjet India. In addition, we also adopted K-Jet solvent printer with KM 512 (42 pcl) printhead in the same year,” mentions Puneet, adding that the machine portfolio in the following year also enhanced with a cold laminator. A team of seven sign making professionals maintains the production facility of Vinod Art Service.

Working for a number of corporate players and a host of local companies, Vinod Art Service has a client base spreads across three main cities—Haridwar, Rishikesh and Dehradun. “We are shifting our current production facility to a new and spacious area. The new facility will equip with a CNC router and a laser engraving machine,” informs Puneet, adding that it’s quite necessary to upgrade their machine portfolio to a new level as demands for router-cut and laser-engraved signage items keep escalating in the region.

Complete solutions under one roof
Ajay Teotia
Ajay Teotia

Being a signage company with a complete line of machines, Om Production & Advertising in Roorkee boasts of capability to provide complete signage solutions under its roof. “Right from the day one of our inception around three years back we had a firm objective to fullfill whatever our customers want,” says Ajay Teotia of Om Productions & Advertising. He adds that most of their customers are as old as the company itself and they are fully satisfied with efficiency and consistency in the company’s products and service, they come repeatedly for projects of all kinds.

The production setup of Om Production & Advertising is equipped with Roland VersaEXPRESS RF 840A from Apsom Infotex, two VK-Jet 3800 printers from VK Enterprises and Mehta CNC router and laser engraving machines. Patanjali is one of the company’s major clients. Others in the clientele of the company are some of the leading schools, colleges and institutes in Roorkee. “We closely partner with some of the leading schools and colleges in Roorkee for signage installations in their campuses as well as promotional outdoor campaigns,” mentions Ajay.

Roorkee Institute of Technology (RTI), Roorkee College of Engineering (RCE), Quantum University, Delhi Public School (DPS Roorkee) and others are in the client list of Om Production & Advertising. “Apart from the schools, colleges and universities, we work for a handful of hotels in the city,” says Ajay. The company has a strong production and execution team of 12 well-trained sign making professionals. Besides covering all over Uttarakhand, the team reaches to Western UP, Haryana, Punjab, Bihar and Jharkhand to execute signage projects of all kinds.

Continuing lineage and tradition
Kashish Mittal
Kashish Mittal

Believe it nor not! Rajshri Advertising in Haridwar is more than 50 years old signage firm. Recalling what he heard about the early days of the company from his father Ashwani Mittal, Kashish Mittal tells, “My grandfather CM Mittal opened the company five decades back in Saharanpur, later moved to Roorkee. He was maker of advertisement slides which cinema halls in Roorkee projected during movie intervals.” Following his father’s footsteps and lineage in the field of advertising, Ashwani Mittal converted the company into a sign making firm in the year 2005. Today, the company is considered to be one of the popular PSPs and outdoor signage experts in the region.

The production facility of Rajshri Advertising is equipped with an Allwin printer with KM 512i printhead. “In addition to digital wide-format printing our activities involve in outdoor advertising, which consists of wall panting, rooftop displays, etc,” mentions Kashish, adding that they have a team of 20 signage making professionals who indulge in diverse activities including painting and installation of outdoor signage. Five in the team of 20 are assigned for graphic designing and machine operation.

“When it comes to painted wall advertisement, we handle almost all across Uttarakhand and Western UP for a number of cement and lubricant companies. Even though digitally printed graphics are popular all over the places, there is still room for wall painting in various areas in remote villages in the region,” says Kashish. When asked about the company’s next step plan to upgrade their production facility, he mentions that they are now seeing the market trends and upcoming technologies to adopt new machines for newer applications.

New and emerging player
Sagar Gupta
Sagar Gupta

Opened newly as a digital large-format printing division of Brijwasi Offset Printer, an old printing press in Haridwar, Magalam Flex Printer is barely two and a half years old in the market. However, the company’s quality in printing and production as well as efficiency in service have been widely acknowledged by a good number of customers comprising a handful of corporate customers from different industrial clusters. “We prioritise quality and consistency in all parameters, either in print production or meeting deadlines,” says Sagar Gupta, MD, Mangalam Flex Printer.

Sagar continues, “Within the two and a half years we have tied up with a number of big corporate players who trust in our work and service.” Some of the leading corporate companies in the client list of Mangalam Flex Printers are Berger King, JK Tyre, The Oxford School, among others. “In addition to corporate biggies, our client list consists of a lot of walk-in customers as well as local medical stores, kirana shops and social organisations,” informs Sagar. Mangalam Flex Printer mainly works for customers in Haridwar and Roorkee.

The production facility of the company is equipped with a Colorjet Neptune solvent printer. When asked about the company’s plan to upgrade the single-machine production facility, Sagar says there is dire need for a higher version of a digital large-format printer. “We will be adopting a new eco-solvent printer and a cut & print machine soon,” says Sagar. He also adds that the current team of eight sign-making professionals in the facility will also be expanded with the expansion of the machine portfolio.

Upgrading to another level
Nitin Tyagi
Nitin Tyagi

Rohit Ranjan Graphics, or known commonly as RR Graphics, is one of the prominent PSPs in Roorkee with their landmark signage projects seen in and around the city. The company has been working for a handful of reputed institutes in the region. The mention of some of the institutes in the company’s client list includes IIT Roorkee, Gurukul Kangri Vishwavidyalaya, Army Public School, among others. “In addition, we are also closely associated with Roorkee Cantt. We are assigned for execution of all signage projects of the headquarters of Indian Army’s Engineering Group and Centre of Bengal Sappers” mentions Nitin Tyagi of RR Graphics.

The production facility of RR Graphics is equipped with a Monotech Pixeljet solvent system. “As of now we are managing all our production activities barely with a single printer. When we require router-cut signage or items of such kind, we work together with some of our partners in the city whose production facilities are equipped with CNC routers,” informs Nitin, adding that they are now planning to upgrade their production facility in Roorkee with a routing machine and a laser engraver.

RR Graphics has another branch in Dehradun. “We mainly focus on clients based in Roorkee and Haridwar. But with our Dehradun branch we could carry out signage projects for clients in any other part of Uttarakhand,” mentions Nitin. The company has a dozen of sign makers in total working for both Roorkee and Dehradun branches. Even the next level plan of the company is to upgrade the machine portfolio of its Dehradun branch where equipped a Monotech Pixeljet solvent printer, but adding a CNC router soon.

Oldest player in the block
Gopal Dutt, Nitin Giri and Ankur Rajput
Gopal Dutt, Nitin Giri and Ankur Rajput

Hindu Electric Press (HEP) in Haridwar is perhaps the oldest printing press in the region. Established in 1943, the printing press is known as one-stop shop for all commercial printing jobs including books, stationery items, pamphlet and others. Expanding its activities, HEP in 2010 opened a new division for digital large-format printing, foraying into the signage and graphic art market. “We could see the vibrancy in the signage market in the region. That’s why we decided to adopt a Colorjet Neptune from Colorjet India and kick-started our journey into the signage market,” narrates Nitin Giri of Hindu Electric Press (HEP).

The wide-format printing division of HEP is serving a host of eminent customers in and around Haridwar. “Our clientele consists of some government departments with which we have been partnered for a long time. Uttarakhand Tourism, Uttarakhand Police, Kumbh Mela and others are prominent in our client list,” mentions Nitin, adding that HEP involves in execution of signage projects in the last Kumbh Mela held in Haridwar.

He continues, “Kumbh Mela is coming up in 2021 and we will be engaging in execution of a myriad of signage works during the festival.” Apart from the company’s long-term prominent customers, there is a chunk of walk-in customers who always swarmed at the reception counter of HEP. The company has a team of dozen sign makers who engage in all tasks comprising graphic designing, fabrication and installation. Beyond Uttarakhand, HEP marks its footprints in various other cities in Western UP as well.