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UV printing is a new age technology in the signage market. UV printers stand out of crowd because of their ultra violet technology/light which dries or cures ink immediately as it is printed. In the UV printing process, the dots of wet ink do not get a chance to spread out once printed. In addition, UV cured inks are weather resistant and offered increased resistance to fading. The curing process is more eco-friendly than any other technologies as it produces few VOCs, odour and heat.

UV curing allows digital large-format flatbed printers to be used with non-traditional materials. Introduction of UV printing in the signage industry is a great addition to production activities of PSPs. UV printers allow sign makers to produce high-quality graphics on materials up to 2 inch thick. In the Indian market, some leading companies like JN Arora (New Delhi), Arrow Digital (Ahemdabad), NEGI Sign Systems & Supplies Co (Mumbai) supply best-in-class UV printers.

    May June 19
    May June 19

    Signage industry has been growing at phenomenal rate in India which is why Sign and Graphics a bimonthly journal was conceived in early 2001. In a very short span of time, Sign & Graphics has become a leading journal in the signage arena and is widely acknowledged by its readers as essential reading to keep them up-to-date in this ever changing scene.

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