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SMK Digital appointed as channel
partner for Beijing JHF Technology

Now a new benefit infolded in the Indian signage market as SMK Digital has been appointed as channel partner for Beijing JHF Technology that manufactures a versatile range of cost-effective UV flatbed and roll-to-roll printers. Let’s take a look at the progression emerged out of the strategic partnership.

JHF R7000 Pro/R3700 Pro
Through the mutual partnership between Beijing JHF Technology and SMK Digital, the latter is assigned to solely distribute JHF brand of UV flatbed and roll-to-roll printers in the Indian signage market, bringing tremendous benefit for those looking for versatile and lucrative systems in the class. In the machine portfolio of Beijing JHF Technology, some worth recommendable models include JHF R7000 Pro/R3700Pro, F3700Pro/F7700Pro, H3370, R2000 Photo, U3000, T3000, among others, which SMK Digital makes them now available in India.

Diverse machine portfolio

Mukesh Patel
JHF R7000 Pro/R3700Pro are premium printers of 5m/3.2m in sizes with high-speed roll-to-roll UV capability. Others in the portfolio, F3700Pro/F7700Pro are flatbed production printers of 1.2x2.4 and 2x3m sizes; H3370 is a hybrid model; R2000 Photo is a 1.8m system designed for churning photo-quality outputs; U3000 is a high speed industrial printer; and T3000 is a textile system for dye-sublimation and a gamut of soft signage applications.

Established in 1997, Beijing JHF Technology has been one of the leading manufacturers of internationally acclaimed industrial digital large-format inkjet printers designed for unconventional applications, including textile, which are now gaining popularity across the globe. The company offers three product lines—Leopard, Vista and JHF. JHF is an industrial product line engineered featuring components from Germany, Netherlands and Japan that are used also by some of the leading and internationally renowned manufacturers of wide-format industrial inkjet printers.

The premium JHF printers are manufactured in Beijing JHF Technology’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility of 56,000 sq m, based in Beijing. And another production facility of the company, especially for solvent systems, is located in Shanghai. With annual revenue of US$65 million, the company is capable to ship around 750 printers every year around the world. Being a company with an ISO-9O01 International Quality System and CR Certifications, they also have an in-house R&D Division.

Know the distributor

SMK Digital, headquartered in Mumbai and promoted by industry veteran Mukesh Patel, is an established supplier of a host of machines, equipments, printing materials and consumables, fulfilling the needs of the Indian signage market to the fullest. In addition to the newly added JHF printers, the company is distributor of other range of highly demanded production printers, such as RICOH Latex and EFI VUTEk printers. Moreover, SMK Digital is a sole supplier of FUJIFILM Sericol Inks.

Operating pivotally from Mumbai, SMK Digital has a network of branches located in far and near cities of the country, such as Delhi, Kolkata and Guwahati, fulfilling the need of a host of well-established PSPs. With the addition of JHF printers to its product portfolio, the company is now fully equipped to address the need of the rapidly growing demands for UV-printed graphics and applications of such kind.

Furthermore, SMK Digital’s partnership with Beijing JHF Technology has set to bring a change to the mind of industry people who always perceive Chinese machines or products substandard. India operation of Beijing JHF Technology began in September 2016 by appointing industry veteran Sanjib Baruah as its sales in-charge in the country. For further information, write in at: or visit: