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Channel letters are becoming best brand recognition and marketing tools in the signage market. Rather effective than flat-cut or cast metal displays, these innovative letters provide more dimensions which are perfect for store-front signs, corporate logos and such applications. And today, channel letter making is easier, innovative and inventive than ever, because variants of advanced channel letter bending machines are available. ABHINAV MALLIK finds out some leading suppliers of channel letter benders in India, whose machines not only bend channel letters faultlessly, but also boost innovation and reduce labour-intensive manual fabrication job.

As we all know channel letters make ‘brands’ pop amidst crowd, whether at night or during day, with internal illumination using LEDs, there are special methods and ways of making diverse range of channel letters, even with reverse lighting for halo effect. These days, following the advent of highly-automated and advanced channel letter benders, things get easier than before. Channel letters are usually custom-made as per the requirement of customers who want unique attraction to promote their brand or product with a new hold.

Mention of some of the leading channel letter bending machine suppliers in the country will surely include Kheizer Sign, Mehta Cad Cam Systems, Mono Sign Systems, Kartar Corporation, SDS Korea, Himalaya Technologies, Ashapura Technology, and Unique International. State-of-the-art machines that these companies supply push the bar of channel letter making to a new standard, resulting in fresh innovations alongside the increased production capacity and revenue for sign makers.

Kheizer Sign

K-Bend series
Supplying K-Bend brand of channel letter bending machines all over India, Kheizer Sign is pivotally operated from Ahmedabad, and quite known to everyone around for both their service and products. Relatively a young player in the market, the company has only been in the business over the last few years, but their footprints are traceable across the length and breadth of the country. “We import our K-Bend brand of channel letter bending machines from China and customise them at our end in order to fit into what our customers demand in India,” says Riyaz Siddique, director, Kheizer Sign.

Citing some unique features of K-Bend series channel letter benders, Riyaz explains that the machines are designed to work with utmost accuracy by giving minute details to ‘letters’ and every single model they supply has user-friendly interface with ease of use commands. The current line of K-Bend machines at Kheizer Sign consists of six discrete models, namely, K-6000, K-5000, K-4000, K-3000, K-2000 and K-1000. Owing to the remarkable features, Kheizer Sign has so far installed 27 units of K-Bend channel benders in the production facilities of their clients based in Bengaluru, Surat, Jabalpur and Shirdi.

Having been trended as one of the catchy mediums for brand promotion among corporate firms, leading mobile companies increasingly opt for channel letters. According to Riyaz, their customers using K-Bend machines have done some landmark channel-letter projects for mobile companies like Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, among others. “These big corporate players choose customised channel letters being crafted in forms of logos, emblems, in-store designs, as per innovations to woo customers,” says Riyaz, adding that there is still scope for further innovations involving in channel letter making in India.

Mehta Cad Cam Systems

Accutek A13ESW and AT1
The whole industry knows Mehta Cad Cam Systems has a broad portfolio of machines any other manufacture or supplier could hardly uphold. The company manufactures some of the machines under their own ‘Mehta’ brand, apart from importing a range from highly reputed overseas manufacturers. The whole range consists of anything between printing and cutting machines—whether solvent printers or UV flatbeds or CNC router or, of course, channel letter benders. In the company’s channel letter bending machine portfolio is Accutek series, which they supply to clients all over India.

“Quite suitably designed for bending diverse range of materials, one can freely choose stainless steel, galvanised sheet, aluminum profile and many other materials compatibly while using Accutek channel letter benders,” says Shailesh Mehta, director, Mehta Cad Cam Systems Pvt Ltd. At present, the company is dealing in two versatile models of Accutek channel letter bending machines—A13ESW (stepper motor) and AT1 (servo motor). Technically, both the bending machines are quite functional for plate as well as profile processing, and are equipped with the most convenient switching function of material and cutter.

When asked some of their clients using Accutek channel letter bending machines, Shailesh counts two, namely, Jayita Cad Cam in Kolkata and Khyati Tin Poster Co in Ahmedabad. “They (our clients) are satisfied with the Accutek channel letter benders because these machines are made to accept raw materials at the utmost precision to craft high-quality channel letters,” he explains. In addition, Mehta Cad Cam Systems provides best after-sale service support, making satisfaction of their customers ‘first priority’. Shailesh conclusively opines channel letter is one such item with high prospect of growth in future and this machine (Accutek) is here to aid it.

Mono Sign Systems
(New Delhi)

TPS channel letter benders
Kingpin of high-quality acrylic sheets and forerunner of LEDs, Mono Sign Systems has also been India distributor of TPS channel letter bending machines, which are manufactured in China. Saurabh Aggarwal from the company says machines like TPS are revolutionary and it can change the way channel letters are made in traditional ways. He adds, “LEDs and channel letter bending machines are two such entities which are interconnected and interdependent by complimenting each others; and we deal in both.”

Mono Sign Systems had entered into the distributorship of channel letter bending machines barely one and a half years ago. Touching upon the advantages of TPS machines, Saurabh says these channel letter benders excel in the Indian market because they are affordable, versatile and easy-to-operate. The TPS machines available at Mono Sign Systems are of three models—S890, S9710 and S1800—being designed as per the demands in the market. As on today, a total of 15 TPS channel letter bending machines have been installed in India through different dealers. “Of them, four are by us (Mono Sign Systems); and TPS machines have some added features that make the brand ‘people’s choice’,” mentions Saurabh.

In China, where TPS channel letter benders are manufactured, this brand is considerably a leading choice among channel letter makers. Pointing at the future prospect of it in India, Saurabh says, “Our country is a land of billion population with various industrial sectors having scopes of expansion, including signage.” He further mentions that the ever growing signage market of India really needs machines like TPS to unfold innovations. Made of high-grade materials with latest technology, TPS provides new marvel in channel letter making, pushing innovations to a new high.

Kartar Corporation

Paramjit posing with a TPS machine
Yet another authorised India distributor of TPS channel letter bending machines, Kartar Corporation in Amritsar has been supplying the channel letter benders for years. Charanjit Singh, CEO, Kartar Corporation says they have quite a vast portfolio of printing and finishing machines. Though based in the Punjab city, Kartar Corporation has its expansive footprints traceable at pan-India level. Mention of some of the company’s key clients who have invested in TPS machines may include the ones in different cities and towns in far and near geographies, namely, Art N Creation (New Delhi), Entech Signs & Displays (Mysore) and Sky Art (Pune).

Introduction of highly-automated channel letter bending machines has brought a new paradigm in making finest cut-letter sign solutions. In this regard, Charanjit says industry people through the course of changing time are showing their interest in innovative sign solutions, such as channel letters, which are a bit off beat either from conventional or traditional style. “We can say channel letter bending machine is a game changer for those making glow or cut letter sign solutions. And this segment in the signage industry is where big corporate players invest huge for brand promotion projects,” observes Charanjit.

TPS machines, according to Charanjit, are cost-effective in the Indian market as compared to premium models from other overseas manufacturers. He adds that main attractions of the machines include their accuracy level and cost-effectiveness. TPS models available currently in the product portfolio of Kartar Corporation include S890, S9710 and S1800. Picking out the S97101, Charanjit marks this model as a highly recommended one for high-end channel letter bending.

(New Delhi)

EasyBender series
Manufacturer of the widely demanded EasyBender series channel letter bending machines, South Korean company SDS Korea has its strong presence in India through its channel partner SUNHAK in Dakshinpuri, New Delhi. EasyBend channel letter bending machines are internationally acclaimed for high performance and accuracy in outputs. Headquartered in Anyang City (South Korea), SDS Korea joins hands with its channel partners all over the globe, stringently maintaining competency and quality of their products. In India, SUNHAK takes care of the distribution of EasyBender machines all over the country.

According to Satish Singh of SUNHAK, EasyBender series are fully automated and designed for fast, accurate, and reliable operation. “The bending systems feature steel rule processor, which eventually helps the benders precisely cut, bend and notch (steel rules),” he explains, adding that the machines are designed for patented bending mechanism and single linear process. EasyBender NS2, EasyBender S1, EasyBender S2, EasyBender XR and so forth are some of the popular SDS channel letter bending machines. As on date, more than a half-dozen EasyBender machines have been sold in India by SUNHAK. Some of the country’s signage firms currently running EasyBender machines are Hannu Marketing (New Delhi), Adwel Art (New Delhi), Universal Die Maker (Chandigarh), Metal Letters India (Mumbai), Budget Sign (Mumbai), Aman Die Makers (Ahmedabad), Adarsh Die Maker (Rajkot), among others.

Salient features of EasyBender machines, which pull attention of channel sign makers all over the country, include the cost-effectiveness and user-friendliness. Such characteristics of the machines help channel letter makers find added advantages in terms of cost and productivity, without compromising on quality. In a latest report by RNCOS, a market research firm, demand for LED-based sign systems is expected to grow more in near future. In this respect, Satish highlights role of channel letters, which not only provides innovations in brand identity, but also presents an energy efficient signage solution, both at night and day. Unlike neon signs, these letters are durable and weather friendly in outdoor environment. Hence, the demand of LED channel letters is on rise in the Indian signage market making a resourceful arena for channel letter bending machines.

Himalaya Technologies
(Tamil Nadu)

HT - D
Imported from China, but distributed in India under the brand HT (Himalaya Tech), Tamil Nadu-based Himalaya Technologies is a nationwide distributor of HT channel letter bending machines, which are engineered in diverse models as per the needs and requirements in the Indian signage market. Senthil Kumaran from Himalaya Technologies says they customise the machines in accordance to Indian market demand. At present, two versatile models of HT channel letter benders are available in the company’s portfolio—HT-D and HT-C.

“HT-C being a premium model, this machine is designed with multiple options, like automatic feeding, notching and bending, compatible with wide varieties of base materials including stainless steel, aluminium profiles, galvanised iron and others,” explains Senthil, adding that the machine is capable to perform double-side notching and bending as per the choice of customers. In addition, HT-C is fastest in its class as this channel letter bender takes only 44 seconds to bend a 30 cm ‘S’ in low power consumption.

Himalayan Technologies is relatively a young player in the market. The company has just been geared up over the last couple of years. “Since our inception we have been observing the channel letter market of India, which has high growth potential,” says Senthil, adding that they have so far sold two machines in south India and attempting to pick up the rhythm equally in other parts of the country. When asked about the unique features of HT machines, Senthil says customisation of their machines in accordance to the need of Indian customers in what it works among all.

Ashapura Technology

VAM Model
With its decades of market experience in importing, manufacturing and reselling a number of popular brands of sign-making machines, which include channel letter benders, Rajkot-based Ashapura Technology has gained its popularity all over India. Rakesh Shashikant Valera, head-marketing, Ashapura Technology Pvt Ltd, says they keep upgrading their line of channel letter bending machines in accordance to market demands surging from time to time.

Channel letter bending machines now available in the product portfolio of Ashapura Technology are VAM DNB 01, VAM DNB 02 and VAM DNB 01. These VAM models are featured with high-class multi-functional options designed in a user friendly manner. The company has joined hands with Dobosson, a Chinese brand, for heir channel letter bending machines. “Owing to cost-effectiveness, our machines from Dobosson are highly acclaimed by channel sign makers in India,” says Rakesh, adding that they have recently sold three machines in Gujarat only.

“Sign making what we see today has phenomenally been changed from the traditional way. In this respect, every sign maker these days is trying to add some innovation or others to their work or attempting to create something new. After all, those looking for additional innovation or new creative pathway to be taken up, channel letter will be the right pick,” explains Rakesh. He conclusively says ‘channel letter’ is considerably one of highly demanded mediums among corporate companies and this is something signage players must take to another level.

Unique International
(New Delhi)

UI series
Changes in time and trend have eventually instilled every one of us in the industry to push ourselves towards the adoption of fresh innovations in terms of products and technologies, adjusting to a new business model. In this, Unique International in New Delhi had recently branched out a new division for channel letter bending machines, truncated from its mother company Unique Sign, which was incepted in the year 1992. Lalit Kohli, director, Unique International, says channel letter is a game changer in sign making business these days, as this modern display solution is best and effective in brand promotion activities as well as beautification of shop fronts.

As of now, Unique International is dealing with ‘UI’ brand brought from China. “UI-L130 is one of the highly demanded models in our portfolio, which is designed to handle a wide range of stainless steel and aluminium profiles,” says Lalit. He adds that ‘channel letters’ are now gaining popularly among big corporate biggies who wish to promote themselves using unconventional signage solutions and channel latter bending machines happen to make it in a big way. Regular customers of Unique International are dotted in all major cities, like New Delhi, Lucknow, Nagpur and others across India. Shahid in Paharganj, New Delhi; Vaibhav in Lucknow, to mention a few, are in the list of the company’s major clients.

Grasping unique features of UI channel latter benders Lalit says the machines are comparatively economical and suitable for Indian customers, whether they are existing firms or new startups in channel letter making. He also mentions that their automated and multi-functional UI channel letter bending machines perform not only in an innovative way, but also make tedious jobs easier and faster. Another added advantage of UI machines is their compatibility with whole range of rigid materials used in channel letters.