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Idea Spice Design effectively combines
brand and designs at VR Centre in Surat

Client: VR Centre
Work: Place-making/environmental branding
Location: Surat

Place-making is a people-centric approach to bring up effective strategy, design and management of public spaces that evoke an emotional and intuitive response. Virtuous Retail (VR) in Surat has approached Mumbai-based Idea Spice Design for overall branding of the environment surroundings of the retail major which is present in all major Indian cities.

Idea Spice Design’s place-making design programme for Virtuous Retail (VR) effectively combines branding, way-finding and experience design to create dynamic, activated spaces that create a relationship that goes beyond transactions.

Client’s profile

Virtuous Retail (VR) is the retail development arm of investment firm The Xander Group Inc, which is formed as a joint venture to acquire retail assets. Established in 2007, VR is an institutionally owned developeroperator of community-oriented premium lifestyle shopping centres. VR in Surat is designed around the social and cultural fabric of the city and celebrated the city within the various experiences at the center.
Idea of inspiration

The basics of Idea Spice Design’s branding and designing concepts around VR in Surat were inspired by the idea of Surat as a city—depicting the city’s past and its potential future. Specific features of the retail centre have been developed and designed with a strong emphasis on the community around it. The underlying philosophy that Idea Spice Design put into the graphics and designs flaunted around the VR mall has pivotally connected to people and geographies

Depiction of culture and heritage

The starting point of the mall is the map of the city of Surat (where it belongs), depicting the region’s culture and heritage. The map in a sense defines the visual language and identity of the centre creating a unique yet identifiable brand pattern. At the mall, the letter sign reads as ‘I LOVE DUMAS SQUARE’ is designed to connect with Dumas road in the city – a key road that becomes a weekend hub for Surtis. It also serves as the backdrop for key art installations in the mall. The center also features a timeline installation of the city. The Surat timeline is over 300 ft long and depicts the history of the city of Surat. Another key installation at the mall is the life-size boat, a local 105-year-old hodi that won the annual Magdalla boat race.

Idea Spice Design

An international brand consultancy, Idea Spice Design is based in Mumbai and Dubai with works and ideas focusing on building and reinventing brands. The design firm’s expertise lies in identifying opportunities for brands and offering an integrated solution—from brand strategy to implementation. The company has completed thousands of projects across the world over the last one decade or so. Their works cover diverse industries, right from retail to real estate, hospitality to healthcare. Moreover, Idea Spice Design is a division of Spice Holding—a conglomerate of specialised companies that offer business solutions across the globe. To explore more about Idea Spice,log on to: