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Clients: Au Finja, KP Sanghvi Jewels, Cera, Krishna Sai Granites and Sati Exports India
Location: Exhibitions in Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru
Works: Designing and fabrication of expo stands

Over the last decade, First Rain Exhibits has been instrumental to work with a select number of companies regularly participating in trade exhibitions in India and aboard as part of their marketing strategies. This Mumbai-based exhibition stand designing firm always looks ahead to working with clients who have clear goals. Working in such challenging way pushes First Rain Exhibits to perform better.

First Rain Exhibits works under the simple principle - ‘What We Promise is What You Get’ and they make it possible through their systemic and process-driven approaches. Their design approach is based on ease of visibility that makes branding of their clients’ products or services easily visible, especially in complicated structures so that any exhibit does not get missed out by prospects. In order to give consistent service and experience, First Rain Exhibits believes that it is important to tightly control the process. Which is why, apart from being an experienced in-house design team, the firm also has an in-house manufacturing and warehousing facility to help themselves in the process of seamless delivery.

Clients’ profiles

Over the recent time, First Rain Exhibits has designed and fabricated stands of some reputed companies which marked standout presence at leading exhibitions in Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru. This case study compiles five of them, namely, Au Finja, a pioneering brand in the world of machine-cut gold bangle and jewellery manufacturing; KP Sanghvi, a big imprint in the diamond industry; Cera, a leader in sanitaryware segment; Krishna Sai Granites (KSG), a leading producer, processor and exporter of black galaxy granites; and Sati Exports India, one of the fastest growing companies in the granite industry.

World standard

Since their jobs have been involving both domestic and international projects, First Rain Exhibits understands and brings world standard to each project they handle in or outside India. This gives them a platform to help their clients get relevant information and insights. Ensuring a worry-free experience is a tall order as 95 percent of First Rain Exhibits’ projects have been on schedule and they maintain this high-level of delivery standard in an outstanding manner.

Focused work

Creative team of First Rain Exhibits believes that if there are many things to focus on, there will be no focus at all. Passionate about quality, their overall ideology does not work for the idea of trying to be everything. Their clients keep them extremely busy as they don’t participate in many pitches. Populated here in this case study are five of their clients (exhibitors) whose stands in some recent expos outshined others around.

KP Sanghvi Jewels
(IIJS 2013, Mumbai)
Once again, First Rain Exhibits designed and built a showstopper stand of KP Sanghvi Jewels which helped this diamond major stand out among others. Intricate detailing, backlit evil eye, an extensive use of rich materials gave the stand a pristine look. Product displays and branding were designed in a way to maximise attention and visibility.

Krishna Sai Granites
(Stona 2014, Bengaluru)
In order to show Krishna Sai Granites’ (KSG) leadership and technical qualities, First Rain Exhibits constructed an impressive and appealing double decker stand. The tall fascia combined with backlit LED branding and high-quality materials like wooden flooring, velvet paint and architectural lights helped the stand steal the show. The stand was divided into various functional zones, such as displays, meeting rooms, demo and entertainment. The visual attraction of the stand was granite slabs and working kitchen. Extensive mezzanine was used to entertain the guests and clients alike. The reception was a focal point with eye catching museum display of granites and a seamless video wall.

Au Finja
(IIJS 2013, Mumbai)
First Rain Exhibits made Au Finja’s vision come alive by building their double decker stand to international specifications. The design inspiration was derived from the popular ornate patterns of the bangles of Au Finja. A self contained unit, it housed the reception, greeting areas, counter and wall displays, closed meeting areas and storage on the ground level. Level 1 consisted of the back office and actual display of jewellery with large U-shaped tables and an innovative jewellery transfer wheel.

(Acetech 2013, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Delhi)
To reinforce the brand image of this stylish sanitaryware company, First Rain Exhibits designed the impressive double-storey stand for second time in a row. The highlight was futuristic shapes which grabbed attention of the visitors. With Cera signing up Sonam Kapoor as their brand ambassador, large-format graphics of the actor adorned the stand.

The ground floor was dedicated to the product display of various categories and the first floor housed the bar area, lounge and the meeting zone. The sleek lines, glass façade and bold branding made a style statement that spotted Cera in a unique charm on the show floor.

Sati Exports India
(Stona 2014, Bengaluru)

Sati Exports India mandated First Rain Exhibits to design and build the stand that could highlight them as an emerging leader. Taking queue from the corporate colours of yellow and black, the designing firm came up with the concept of galleries for product display. The stall had open, functional meeting and storage zones. Designed and fabricated with stunningly structured backlit graphics, steel, glass and white wooden flooring, attentions of visitors around the stand were grabbed by the ‘Sati’ brand.


First Rain Exhibits is a powerhouse of creativity and professionalism. This design firm based in Mumbai was incepted in the year 2005 and its focus is on new generation exhibition design and production. First Rain infuses new life into exhibition design by innovating through fresh ideas like the freshness of first raindrops. The company executes a wide variety of exhibition design projects across India and abroad, ranging from small to huge (1,000 sq m and above). Niloy Debnath, MD and Monica Debnath, director creative are founders of the firm who have good backgrounds to know the needs of their corporate clients and hence clients connect with them comfortably.

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