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Nowadays signage companies all over the country are recognised for their works and landmark projects they handle. Whether it’s about storefront sign, roadside hoarding, billboard, environmental sign, public awareness campaign and many such others, there are a lot to be explored about what signage firms all over the country are producing in unconventional way or style. SIGN & GRAPHICS picks up some groundbreaking signage projects implemented in big cities and towns across the country.


One can find a handful of signage companies engaging in production of landmark projects carried out in big and small cities or towns across the region. But some of them stand out among others for they have been the creations of some unique creators, such as Basant Art, whose creativity and quality in production always pop up captivatingly in a unique way. This Ludhiana-based signage major is known for being a complete solution provider in the field of digital large-format printing, visual merchandising, corporate identity and event solutions, and just recently they have executed a series of landmark projects in and around Ludhiana—worth mentionable among them are the outdoor works for Nikon, UnderDoggs Brewery & Kitchen, Oppo, and EasyDay.

For Nikon India, Basant Art has recently executed the first store front elevation display system ever done in Punjab. What it took to create the 40x12 ft backlit display consisted of laser-cut letters, precisely CNC-cut ACP sheets and more. In addition, selection of high-quality LEDs and acrylic sheets was another reason behind the unique stance of the signage, which turned out to be stunning eye-catcher amid crowd. UnderDoggs Brewery & Kitchen, one of the popular high-end eateries in Ludhiana, had recently undergone a new facelift done by Basant Art. In the project, the signage major installed a 50x4 ft laser channel letters, composed of SAMSUNG LEDs and specially selected ACP materials. Similarly, the company has accomplished two other landmark store-front display systems for Oppo and EasyDay, which are made of high-quality LEDs, ACP and acrylic letters. Basant Art, ever since its inception in 1984, has been a big project handler in the north Indian signage market.

Paradise Art in Varanasi has recently carried out a unique and an unconventional signage project, executed as part of making the holy city a ‘smart city’. The project includes making of roadside directional signs and decorative poles installed all over the city. The directional signs are made of two mm Hindalco aluminium sheet. Graphics elements embedded on the sheets include temple, arrows and borders reflecting the region’s culture and heritage—all are printed using UV technology. The vacuum heat applicator on ACP sheet used in the projects is with five years warranty.

Boards used in the projects are of sizes: 900x400mm and 900x560mm (two-sided signage systems) respectively, which are made of MS Frame with fixing arrangement to the decorative poles. The decorative poles are made of using B-Class tubes (114 mm diameter, 1800mm long). The whole body of the poles are wrapped with 80 microns thick black matt finish media. The poles are approximately four meter high from the roads. Making of chunar stone chabutara was challenging as the ‘chunar stone box’ for decorative pole with both sides cladding work is of size 375x375x500 mm.


Moving into the south zone, a signage player that cannot be ignored is the Graphics de Sign. This Chennai-based one-stop signage solution provider is acknowledgeable for its landmark projects, which stand out among all. Over the years, Graphics de Sign has been rated to be an establishment of a professional platform integrating technology and service thus enable them to deliver perfect signage solutions which any other conventional sign makers could hardly come along.

Just in the recent past, Graphics de Sign has completed some landmark projects around Chennai. Of them, selected under the Four Zones are two outstanding executions for Adyar Ananda Bhavan (Sweets & Snacks) and A2B Greens (Fruits & Vegetables) outlet. For the two landmark local stores, Graphics de Sign has accomplished the projects in out-of-box ways, turning heads of every passerby. They used highest quality materials and printing technologies, such as UV, to produce the prints used in the backlit display systems. Among the materials they have chosen for the outstanding display projects included 3M reflective vinyl, ACP boards, aluminium panel, stainless steel panel.

When asked the brand of LED used in the highly illuminated signage systems for the Adyar Ananda Bhavan store, a spokesperson from Graphics de Sign mentioned SAMSUNG. In this, the company also opted for creatively designed illuminated boxes with ultra-light illumination giving the display systems they produce a unique appearance. The 15 x 200 ft store front signage was printed on high-quality media using latex technology. Graphics de Sign’s clientele consists of some from overseas countries, such as Spain and Ireland.

Global Art—this is yet another big old signage player in Hyderabad, known widely across the retail arena for its landmark projects. In the recent past, when SAMSUNG Galaxy needed to get its campaigns surfaced all across the city, the signage player was chosen as sole vendor by the mobile major. In the campaign, Global Art had fabricated a number of electronics outlets sporting SAMSUNG Galaxy ads. Among the stores which had been face-lifted by Global Art were MK Mobile, Kamal Big C and others in the city.

It has been counted that more than a dozen of stores across the city have been fabricated by Global Art for the wide signage campaign. The SAMSUNG Galaxy stores donning blue backlit overhead display boards, embedded with SAMSUNG LEDs, gave the stores brand new look pulling attention of every passerby. Global Art is known for working to the need and satisfactory level of any client, which may also include big names like GE and Philips, in the city.


Stepping into the western zone will bump into Global Sign in Surat, a glow-sign expert located in the city’s business hub Belgium Square. In addition to dealing in illuminated signage solutions, this signage corner is equally known for printing, laser-cut and CNC-routing jobs. Glow Sign boasts of its service providing complete signage solutions to its clients, which include glow signs, ACP letters, flex banners. The company’s main forte is its use and selection of quality printing or sign-making materials. The company uses best quality acrylic sheets, LED components, SMPS and such materials for projects they have so far been executed.

SAMSUNG LEDs and SMPS systems are the materials behind the outshining glow sign projects of Global Sign. The company has so far handled a number of landmark signage projects for clients based in and around Surat. As on today, Global Sign is handling mainly the projects in the retail domain, engaging in tasks for store-front display solutions, in-store branding and such kinds. Mention of some of the landmark projects done by Global Sign in and around Surat may include for V2 Fashion (store-front sign), Laser Electronics/Laser Vision (backlit LED letters), New Patel Jewellers, among others. Headquartered in Surat, Glow Sign has its network of branches based in Bhuj and Mumbai.

City Communication in Jaipur is a 3M convertor and one of the leading complete signage solution providers in the Pink City. Over the years, this signage major has been carrying out a string of landmark signage projects for a number of companies, which may count from local departmental stores up to corporate biggies around the city. Job profile of City Communication includes mere flex printing up to high-end in-shop branding, glow signboards, outdoor hoardings, wall paintings and market promotion campaigns. The company has been working with many MNCs since its inception in 1994, gaining high repute in the market. Under the Four Zones column, some of the company’s recent projects have been picked up.

Providing the projects of their clients a standout position, City Communication has carried out landmark projects for companies viz. Bharti Airtel (All India approval for flex work), Coca-Cola, Microsoft Corp India, Idea Cellular, SONY India, Vodafone, Gionee Mobile, Oppo, Vivo, UCO Bank, LG, Shree Cement, Voltas, Wonder Cement, TATA Sky, Panasonic India, Livguard, among others. Further, the signage major has recently accomplished some landmark store-front display systems projects for SONY, Oppo and Gionee, producing display systems of diverse sizes, using best quality materials, such as 3M and Starflex printed on Mutoh ValueJet eco-solvent machines. Being and authorised convertor of 3M Commercial Graphics gives City Advertising an added advantage in terms of quality print outputs. The company also has its branch in Mohali.


In Jamshedpur, if one counts for leading signage players known for their landmark projects of all kinds, Media Magix will surely come among the top ones. This prominent signage company is a one-stop display graphic corner, known widely across the city for landmark projects in all clusters, whether it is indoor or outdoor. TATA is one of the major clients of the company whose projects can be witnessed everywhere around Jamshedpur. In addition to TATA, Media Magix has a long list of clients for them the signage company has been handling all types of signage projects in any given scale.

Over the last few months, Media Magix has executed signage projects of diverse natures. The company has been tied up with DAV Public School for any kind of printing job for the school. DAV Public School in the city sports an eye-catching gateway cut-letter signage system, which has been designed and developed by Media Magix. Other than this, the company has carried out outdoor signage projects for Bharat Petroleum, VIVO, Idea, among others. Apart from the corporate biggies, Media Magix has recently taken up projects for popular local hotels and social events. Behind the landmark projects of the company is its state-of-the-art production facility where equipped Roland VersaArt RE-640 eco-solvent printer, a Gongzheng GZG solvent and line of laser cutter and a channel letter bending machine.

In the eastern zone, here is another popular player being picked up from the same city (Jamshedpur) known for executing landmark signage projects, both in the indoor and outdoor domains. The player is Khushbu Advertising. This signage company has been associating with a host of retailers for whom they have recently completed outdoor signage/promotional projects of diverse formats. Some of the regular or long-time customers of the company from the retail sector include BIG BAZAAR, Amul, Jokey, Ajanta, Dollar, to mention a few. In addition, they have also been working for other prominent corporate companies like Castrol, JK Tyre, Idea, Canara Bank and Bank of India, for years.

Khushbu Advertising creates concepts and delivers high-quality signage systems. The company is engaging in branding and wrapping jobs of promotional vans and vehicles. They have recently wrapped mobile promotional vans for BIG BAZAAR. They have also accomplished a string of shop-front display systems for Ajanta, Shiyaram, Dollar (Big Boss) and others. When enquired about the quality that they maintain in their jobs, a source from the company reveals that they got only for best quality materials—3M and Starflex as printing media and OSRAM and SAMSUNG as LEDs for backlit!