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Kawasaki Advertisers behind the
making of Indian Army Museum in Shimla

Client: Indian Army
Location: Inveram Hill, Shimla
Works: Branding, interior designs and 3D models

Kawasaki Advertisers in Shimla is a popular name when it comes to handling and execution of landmark signage and branding projects across the state of Himachal Pradesh. The latest landmark project this signage and branding firm has accomplished in the recent past in the region is the branding and designing of the Indian Army Museum, constructed inside the state museum on Inver Hill, Shimla.

Client’s profile

Himachal State Museum in Shimla in a sense was an old Victorian mansion, which was then carefully altered into a ‘museum’ housing a trove of ancient artistic, historical, archaeological and ethological remains inherited from the past. In the earlier time, the building was used as a private residence of Lord William Beresford, the then military secretary to Viceroy Lord William Bentick. Then the building was occupied by Sir Edwin Collan and thereafter by Sir Edward Law, and in the post-independence it served as residence of Indian government officials. In the year 1974, it transformed into the state museum, playing a significant role in collecting and preserving heritages and memories. And the latest transformation is the construction of the Indian Army Museum inside it.

First move

It’s their quality of work that makes Kawasaki Advertisers stand out amid others. And it’s their work that reaches to a host of unconventional clients, such as Indian Army. When the Indian Army approached the advertising firm for the first time for the creation of the unique museum inside the state museum, they (the defence personnel) showed their fascination of Kawasaki Advertisers’ overall concepts and works.

Design concept

A total of five rooms were selected inside the state museum to construct the new special museum for jawans and their work. In order to recall and restore the untold stories of the brave soldiers of the Indian Army, a lot of visual elements are implemented, which include pictures and maps, portraying war photos, texts. Battle of Dograland Barki, Indo-Pakistani War, Kargil War and many other historic incidents of the Indian Army are major highlights on the galley walls. Apart from wars, the museum is also a treasure trove of dedicated work and role of Indian Army in several rescue works, which they have so far been dedicatedly committed in the aftermaths of natural calamities like tsunami, earthquakes, floods across the country and beyond. The graphics on the walls of museum are printed on high-quality foam-boards and MDF materials using flatbed printers.

Unique designs

In addition to the photo galleries, the museum is also served as a corner presenting achievements of what Indian Army have garnered in the field of armoury and equipments. The creative team of Kawasaki Advertises created some unique 3D models, depicting highly sophisticated gears, uniforms and weapons shown attractively in the museum. A replica of BraMos supersonic cruise missile is just another attraction among all others put on display. On the other side wall in the museum is yet another photo gallery dedicated to ‘Women Power’ in which highly-accredited woman officers from the Indian Army and Indian Navy are portrayed.

Honourable Himachal Pradesh CM Virbhadra Singh inaugurated the museum. For their outstanding creations, fabrication job and concept they have implement in the museum, Kawasaki Advertisers has been eulogized and the firm has received an accolade for the project, which was finished within the stipulated time, delivering exactly what the client desired.

Kawasaki Advertisers

Established in 1977 and adopted the named ‘Kawasaki Advertisers’ in 1988, this signage and branding firm is a brainchild of Rohitash Chander, who is always a source of inspiration for those who contact him for projects. Two other brains in the company’s creative team are Rajeev Kuthiala, who is considered to be a catalyst taking ideas to the next level. Lakshya Vrat is also one of the guiding forces in the creative team. Having been associated with a number of government departments, Kawasaki Advertisers has also tied up with some corporate biggies like Aitel, Ambuja Cement, 95.0 BIG FM, Jio, among others. For further details, log on to: