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Leaf Design helps Nookad Nation
bring back neighborhood nostalgia
of chatpata by-lanes

Clients: Nookad Nation
Works: Retail Strategy, Food & retail, environment branding,
implementation support & in-store paackaging.
Locations: Thane, Maharastra

A tempting debut to India’s finger licking street food, Nookad Nation is a peppy brand reliving the homely and unforgettable street food which people from generation to generation have grown up with. Inspired by the delightful buzz of desi tastes, the restaurant packs old flavours in a new avatar, offering a place to get old friends together. Design firm Leaf Design is the hands behind bringing back the neighborhood nostalgia by evoking chatpata by-lanes of memories.

A big challenge of Leaf Design in the Nookad Nation project was to bring out the essence of the diverse Indian food culture under one roof. The overall approach was to create an emotional edge by refreshing nostalgia of the taste, textures and aromas of memories around people related to their own neighbourhood street ‘nookad’.

Witty and quirky graphics

In the project depicting the walk around the nookad, a series of witty and quirky graphics adore a large wall, depicting the daily moments of local nookads. The store had its own unique map with a pronounced tone of Indian emotion. Specific elements such as fictitious desi destinations were hand painted to enliven a raw feel.

Matchbox poster series

A poster series for the wall was inspired from the evergreen and diverse graphics of matchboxes, presented with a twist and modern palette. The brand communication, wrapped around food + moments, food + places and food + memories and unique Indian ingredients, was fabricated as life-size wooden matchboxes placed across the store.

Visuals of food stories

The fact is that no restaurant is complete without mouth-watering visuals of food. Captured by a well-known photographer who was commissioned to create a long stretch of dishes for the counter façade, words thrown in the midst elevated the taste of the recipes.

Blend of East & West

There is a blend of Indian culture and western typography, bold and colourful signage graphics inside the restaurant premises guided the customers to their favourite counters and to different activities. The Hinglish tone instantly resonated with visitors, helping create a long lasting bond with customers and bringing them back to reconnect to their dearest memories.

A festival everyday

It is customary for Indians to choose vibrant colours to decorate doors of their homes. These colours were an inspiration to create unique stickers in a greeting card format. It was symbolic of celebrating life itself while one is in the store.

Message of auspiciousness and love

Mithai (sweets) in India have a sweet relevance – they are considered as a form of greeting for all kinds of purposes and occasions, and also a way to celebrate new beginnings. Inspired by traditional mithai packaging used by local vendors, a modern yet ethnic mithai packaging was designed for people to cherish it. It carried the message of love, happiness and prosperity through symbolic flowers. The in-store packaging came alive through boxes, labels and stickers.

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