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HP Latex 315 empowers Supra Digital
to boost prints to another level

Supra Digital is a Bengaluru-based one-stop facility for all visual merchandising and printing requirements. Since its inception in the year 1996, the company has been engaging in execution of outstanding POP window displays, store displays and many others in in-store domain, involving diverse printing materials. The company’s recent adoption of a new HP Latex 315 printer has empowered them to produce more enhanced graphic prints.

In-store graphics printed on HP Latex 315 at Mini Club
The state-of-the-art production facility of Supra Digital boasts of a line of machines and it has different divisions for designing, printing and fabrication. The line of printers at the facility comprises various brands of water-based, eco-solvent and solvent printers alongside a range of finishing equipments such as automatic flex seaming machine and a set of vinyl cutter, acrylic, wood cutting, bending and heating machines. After all, the latest addition of HP Latex 315 in the facility has boosted the company’s capability to produce high quality prints.

“HP Latex 315 delivers high-quality applications same-day, in widths up to 1.63 m, all while keeping costs low. Its water-based HP Latex Inks ensure rich black and glossy results, producing all prints emerge dry, odour-free, and ready to use,” mentions Deepak Magar, Director, Supra Digital. When asked about some applications they produce using the new HP Latex 315 printer, he informs that almost everything at Supra Digital these days is printing on the new HP latex printer.

Easy to operate, HP Latex 315 has unique features which any other printers in its class seldom characterise. Prints from this printer come out completely dry. Together with its automatic X-axis cutter, HP Latex 315 can deliver prints immediately. It prints at the speed of 12 sq m/hr in indoor quality and 16 sq m in outdoor plus quality. “This 4-ft printer can handle roll feed, taking-up (optional) automatic cutter for materials such as vinyl, paper-based media and backlit polyester film,” says Deepak. Types of media compatible with HP Latex 315 include self-adhesive vinyl materials, films, papers, wall covering media, canvas, synthetics, fabrics, mesh, textiles and any other porous materials.

Deepak Magar with HP Latex 315
Designed with the environment in mind, HP Latex 315 produces print graphics which can reach indoor spaces where solvent can’t reach. The water-based HP Latex inks are odourless and healthier for operators as no special ventilation would require and no hazard warning labels. It meets high standards as the inks are certified with UL ECOLOGO, UL GREENGUARD GOLD and AgBB criteria.

Supra Digital engages in execution of various landmark in-store branding and graphic projects in and around Bengaluru. Mini Club is one of the company’s major clients for whom a lot of in-store projects have recently been executed. The mention of some of the long-term clients of Supra Digital will include big corporate retail brands such as Mark & Spencer, Lifestyle, The Body Shop, among others.

Deepak emphasises that they have in-depth understanding of retail space and dealer attitudes. “Our activities involve in conceptualisation, designing and execution of visual merchandising requirements for some of the leading brands,” he mentions. In addition, Supra Digital is authorised vendor for printing and application of 3M graphics.