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Silver Sign introduces a complete range of 100 percent
PVC-free NEOblu media and new HiSign LED products

The signage industry has been rapidly transforming over the last few years with advanced products and ultramodern technologies. Finding what is right product or technology for signage companies has become a matter of trial and error. Understanding the pulse of the industry, Silver Sign introduces the first complete range of eco-friendly and 100 percent PVC-free NEOblu printable media. Also introduced new by the company are upgraded HiSign LED modules and power supplies.

Nishant Gattani, Director and Arun Kumar Bhaiya, Managing Director, Silver Sign
Silver Sign, over the last 15 years, has proven its competency in continuous introduction of advanced products and technologies for signage solutions. The company’s product ranges fall under two brands—NEOline for digitally printable media and HiSign for LED signage and display solutions.

Eco-friendly NEOblu media

The latest introduction from Silver Sign under the NEOline is the complete range of NEOblu digitally printable media that are eco-friendly and 100 percent PVC-free. “This new line of eco-friendly media is our bid to help revive the environment,” emphasises Nishant Gattani, Director, Silver Sign. He adds that these newly introduced NEOblu printing materials have no toxic footprints behind and contain no harmful elements such as mercury, chlorine, lead, etc. The new materials in the NEOblu line are Backlit Textile, Frontlit Textile, PVC-free Self-Adhesive Range and PVC-free Banner.

Backlit Textile, a product of European technology, is coated fabric that can also be edge lit, which means that one can have graphics on both sides of the light box. Printable on UV and Latex systems, applications of this media include premium indoor light boxes as well as those installed at public places like hospitals, malls, theaters, etc.

Frontlit Textile, a sturdy, superior and eco-friendly alterative to flex, has been developed to withstand wear and tear of strong wind. This material is available in grey back for higher opacity. Printable on UV, Latex, eco-solvent and solvent printers, this textile material is perfect for applications such as hoarding, banners in public places such as displays at bus shelters, airports, malls and others.

NEOblu Self-Adhesive Range is a groundbreaking way to make walls and surfaces communicate and connect with customers. The materials in this range are flexible and known for applications on wide varieties of surfaces. With no residue glue, the pasting of next round of NEOblu Self-Adhesive Range graphics is easier and faster. The variants available in this range include: Self-Adhesive Textile, Self-Adhesive Vinyl and Eco-Friendly Graphic Protection Lamination Film.

NEOblu Banner is a quick solution to a variety of advertising, branding and communication needs. This banner media is most versatile product among its class that can be put up easily for any message with short life, but provides instant visibility at a relatively nominal cost. It is designed suitably to change frequently and can be stored to use again and again. Compatible with eco-solvent and UV printing technologies, applications of NEOblu Banner include dropdowns, standees, posters, etc.

Being recyclable, the NEOblu range of media can be processed and reused after its initial use is over. The materials are 40 percent lighter than any conversational media, which is why it is easy and inexpensive to transport. Each of the media has unique weave structure for extra strength. The textile range is available up to width of 10 ft making it suitable for large graphic installations.

HiSign LED modules and power supplies

HiSign brand from Silver Sign has an extensive range of technologically advanced LED Modules, LED Rigid Bars, LED Stripes and LED Power Supplies to meet signage requirements. The company offers 2-year solutions, 3-year solutions and 5-year solutions. The company’s endeavor to maintain high global standards and specifications has resulted in consistent quality across its portfolio of offering with products being extensively tested and certified by reputed laboratories on various parameters. Some of the major corporate clients HiSign are SAMSUNG, LAVA, Oppo, Exide, MI and others.

Silver Sign has built up a reputation of providing quality innovative products. The company involves in marketing and distribution of digitally printable substrates and LED products for signage and lighting solutions. They have a vast dealer network and boast of thousands of satisfied customers pan India.