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JN Arora delivers Smartjet flatbed
printers to two leading signage companies

The product line of JN Arora Group consists of a whole gamut of printers/machines for diverse signage and graphic art applications. Of them, Smart Jet flatbed printers are among the ones in great demand nowadays. Two leading signage firms, one at Delhi and another in Mumbai, have recently adopted the flatbed printers, enhancing versatility and quality in their print productions.

Pan Media Solutions in Mumbai is one of the oldest signage firms in the city. This 35 years old company boasts a state-of-the-art production facility, which is now upgraded with the installation of a new Smart Jet 2030 true flatbed printer, supplied by JN Arora Group. The printer is designed for best value proposition, capable to deliver high-quality and productive colour scheme. It is also designed for printing directly on a chunk of rigid materials, including wood, glass, leather, acrylic, polyester, MDF, board (KAPA), sun-board, sunpack, ceramic tiles and many other rigid and flexible media.

Smart Jet 2030 at Pan Media Solutions
Smart Jet 2030 has RICOH Gen-5 printheads and it can churn 2x3 m graphic in 720x600 dpi/720x1200 dpi resolutions. The RICOH head in the system makes continuous printing at ultra-high quality, delivering excellent cost performance. Vacuum system in the printer, which can be off/on easily from the control panel, holds media steadily to ensure stable printing. “Since we have all other machines in our production facility, adoption of the new Smart Jet 2030 has made our portfolio now complete. We can meet the every need of our customers under one roof now,” says Sanjay Bhargava from Pan Media Solutions.

Smart Jet 2513 at Printon
The second customer, Delhi-based Printon, has enhanced their production facility with the installation of Smart Jet 2513 true flatbed printer. Pinton is one of the signage firms in the region with repute, known to many for their premium jobs and efficiency in service. The company engages in diverse activities, including in-shop branding and many other tasks which usual signage firm could hardly execute in unconventional ways.

Customers gathering at the company’s lobby right from morning till late evening come with projects involving LED sign systems, umbrellas, standies, acrylic table tops, display stands, 3D designs, exhibitions, etc. Adoption of the new Smart Jet 2513 true flatbed printer has amplified Printon’s capability in printing on rigid surfaces, such as glass, steel, plywood, acrylic sheets, etc. The printer is featured with double water cooled UV LED lamps. The company’s production facility is also equipped with other machines including solvent and eco-solvent printers, CNC routers and laser engraving machines.