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02JUNE Design Studios +
Few Steps Ahead makes brand
Adidas activated for real customer connection

Client: Adidas
Work: Brand activation
Location: New Delhi

Many brands use activation to build popularity and give consumers an experience that will make them feel a real personal connection to the company. One such activation has been executed by New Delhi-based design firm 02JUNE Design Studios + Few Steps Ahead for Adidas Originals called ‘EQT- ONLY THE ESSENTIALS’ at DLF Promenade in New Delhi.

Consumer brand activation is a very crucial part of building a positive perception of a brand. In this respect, Adidas aimed at activating the story of EQT BBall mid SS18 through an on-ground activation. As the product (EQT –The Equipment Shoe) returns in 2018, its message remains true of it being a pure sport function, over trends and form.

Basic intention

EQT –The Equipment Shoe is an anti-glamour, no-nonsense footwear that was born in the 1990s to deliver an uncompromising promise. Adidas intended to showcase the EQT brand history through a pop-up exhibition in a container. The engagement emphasised on function becomes form, sports becomes style, integrity remains integrity.

Conceptualisation & execution

In a span of 20 days, the complete research, conceptualisation, prototyping, and execution took place at the Few Steps Ahead studio. The first brief provided by the client gave an incisive signature look of the activation- Raw and Green. The exterior of the pop up shop was a container with minimal exteriors, highlighting the branding, true to the concept of ‘Only The Essentials’.

Past meeting future

Keeping in mind the brand thought of ‘past meeting future’ the container interior had two sections – Past and Future of the products to be launched. The past area focusing on the archive shoes of the 1990s took inspiration from the then desktop, scanner, flipbook and notebooks and incorporating them with some present day technology to showcase the content. In the meanwhile, the future side had some interactive displays to engage the customers and provide information about the product.

Graphic elements

The motion sensor LED screens would play videos once the shoe was lifted off a platform, using ‘lift and learn’ NFC technology that activates the screen to start playing the EQT Bball edit of the brand film. It also gave the customers an option to purchase the product from the Adidas website. Some merchandise and shoes were also arranged inside the exhibit for people to try and promote sales.

The mirror acrylic and green LED grid interiors created a Sci-Fi feel, amplifying the overall look of the exhibition. The zoetrope inside the container showcased the brand film. It was strategically placed in the mall foyer that faced one of the prime exits of the mall, giving the audience a teaser of the event. The exhibit was a complete pack of history, launch and trial.

Real personal connection

The complete event was engaging. Starting from the lenticular invites, live DJ, larger than life size scrabble on the floor outside the exhibit to the lucky 4 digit tokens, every of it could make the audience win a pair of shoes at their retail shop inside the mall. All of these deliverables followed a raw character—the brand signature.

Know about ‘Few Steps Ahead’

02JUNE Design Studios + Few Steps Ahead specialises in space design - retail architecture, exhibition design and interiors & hospitality design; experiential design brand activation, visual marketing and visual merchandising; and communication design. The studios work in sync & maintain equilibrium with each other. While 02JUNE Design Studios focuses primarily on space design, Few Steps Ahead handles the experiential & communication design needs of the clients to deliver innovating and engaging design solutions that are feasible, sustainable and meaningful. The creative team at this award-winning design firm in New Delhi, always keep striving to stay ahead in all that they do by strongly believing in the power of ideas and storytelling. The team consists of young, talented and enthusiastic architects, retail designers, visual merchandisers, communication designers and artists. Living with a relentless spirit, they think deeply, always question assumptions and come up with indigenous design solutions. Their design ideology revolves around designing for people—their interests, behaviours, likes and dislikes. They are here to change the status quo and inspire the new age! 02JUNE Design Studios + Few Steps Ahead bagged the VM-RD Retail Design Awards at In-Store Asia 2015. To know more, log on to: