Cosign teams up with SignAgent to simplify Signage Program Management

Signage program design & management shouldn’t be complicated! If so, here comes your ultimate solution as Cosign in partnership with the Canadian software company SignAgent has geared up to simplify the process of signage program management which includes designing, mapping, planning & overall management. Find out how it works.


A household name in the word of modular signage systems, Cosign is a manufacturer and supplier of architectural signs, way-finding sign solutions, displays and many more. Now, the company has teamed up with SignAgent, a new-age signage management software expert, to help signage consultants and sign makers get rid of troubles they usually face during designing and mapping of signage, fabrication, final execution and management in large-scale projects.

As an Authorised Partner of SignAgent, Cosign will implement this progressive software to help sign makers or brand owners create, design, plan, map and manage signage program effectively. This will assist signage professionals to save time and control data more accurately. SignAgent flawlessly streamlines a signage project by cutting cost and frustration of sign makers and consultants.

“Partnership with SignAgent is a big milestone for Cosign. This software available as cloud-based and mobile app version is designed accurately for every single signage professional who is involved in the entire process of a signage program—right from designing, fabrication & management up to post-installation maintenance” comments Tejasa Purandare, CEO, Cosign India Pvt Ltd.

Tejasa continues, “We come to know that signage consultants go through a hectic process when they spend too much time on adjusting sign types and quantities for large-scale projects. They face complexity when making changes in multiple locations after interactions with clients, fixing up error and inconsistencies. To resolve all these typical issues of signage consultants we have SignAgent on board.”

Cloud-based platform

Being a cloud-based sign management platform, SignAgent helps sign makers put graphic specifications, production-ready files, signage locations and specific instructions for every project right at their fingertips. In the process, sign installers are privileged to use the SignAgent mobile app which guides them down to the field where each of their sign is located, enabling them to attach images of their completed works.

Many sign makers still conduct sign or site survey in traditional method using a digital or phone camera, pen & paper to collect photos, location plan, markup and specification of each signage. It’s slow, painstaking, prone to error and difficult to share with vendors or clients. Easing this process is the SignAgent, which vastly reduces time it takes to complete a signage survey.

Freeing up time & mental space

SignAgent app collects all photos and information and maps them to their exact location on a preloaded location plan. All that information is immediately saved in the associated SignAgent project, which is set up before visiting the location. In fact, SignAgent takes control of signage programing, freeing up time and mental space of sign makers.

When sign makers operate large-scale projects at hospitals, sports stadia, university campuses, airports and transit systems, they are responsible for managing and maintaining thousands of signs throughout the facilities. How stressful it would be for them if some systems are outdated. In this, SignAgent makes it easy to manage and maintain the most complex signage system, ensuring that it’s always current, accurate & fully operational.

The ultimate advantage for sign makers using SignAgent is that they can provide up-to-the-minute information to anyone who needs it—all on one platform that acts as a single source of truth for all information.