Apsom Technologies expanding reach, applications and customer base

New back-to-back fabric printer with eco-solvent inks to launch soon!

Apsom Technologies has been a front runner when it comes to providing latest and innovative machines and dedicated services to its customers at sustainable rates. In chat with Sign & Graphics, Abhishek Bhatia, General Manager (Sales & Marketing) of Apsom Technologies India Pvt Ltd, tells about new machine, leading the way by creating awareness, applications and feasibility for their customers to make everything affordable.


Founded by Vikram Bhatia, Apsom Technologies always evolves with the changing times with timely updates on machines and services they offer. “Apart from the regular business of providing solvent/eco-solvent/UV printers, we are now focusing on back-to-back fabric printing solution in a big way,” says Abhishek, adding that they are leading the way by creating awareness, applications and most importantly the feasibility for their customers to make everything affordable.

Talking about the latest development, Abhishek mentions, “We have recently launched a line of new products for the signage and graphic arts market, which includes a 3.2m UV roll-to-roll printer, and high-speed solvent printer with Starfire printheads. In addition, latest launches from Apsom Technologies include Mimaki JV330 Series (high-speed eco-solvent printer), Mimaki CJV330 Series (high-speed ecosolvent print & cut machine) and Mimaki CG-AR Cutting Plotter Series.

Keeping a focus on the existing business, Abhishek mentions that they keep bringing new technologically advanced products for the benefit of the industry, which means Apsom Technologies is expanding the customer base. The company has a deep understanding of the soft signage or textile printing market in India. In this respect, Abhishek says, “Our result and performance in the textile segment has been very encouraging as we are very optimistic and excited about the current and future business prospect in this sector.”

As it happened with everybody in the industry, pandemic was one of most unfavorable things affecting the overall business of Apsom Technologies during the first and second waves. “If we compare business loss during the pandemic with our normal times, there were losses but nevertheless we were quick to recover. However, more losses or rather delay happened due to shipping line/container unavailability causing unexpected delay, increased freight rates and increased ink prices, all adding fuel to the problem,” mentions Abhishek.

He continues, “We are now fully back to normal! We see almost all sections of the society are back to normal. However, in the overseas and mainly in China, restrictions were imposed till the end of May 2022. We have been following government directives and taking all necessary precautions that help us keeping safe, in turn not to further spread the disease.” Apsom Technologies provides special kits for its employees, particularly those technical teams, logistic staff and shipping department personnel who engage in field works.

When it comes to helping customers in the post-pandemic market, Abhishek says during the peak pandemic times they provided technical supports/supplies to their customers. He adds, “Further, in the postpandemic time too, we are continuing the same in a better way. In addition, we are fully prepared and have increased our stocking of machines, inks and spare parts to overcome any unforeseen delay.”

Abhishek mentions, “COVID-19 has taught us a tough lesson – to be prepared for anything eventuality. Moreover, it is high time now to consider and offer eco-friendly printing solutions.” Soon, Apsom Technologies is going to launch back-to-back fabric printing machine with eco-solvent inks and a range of new products from Mimaki, viz. JV330/ CJV330 and CG-AR Series.

Conclusively, Abhishek conveys that they would like to thank all their patrons and various support agencies for their continued faith and trust on Apsom Technologies, and despite the pandemic being under control, it is in everyone’s interest that Apsom Technologies continues to maintain some degree of precaution.