Guandong releases new wall decoration range


To respond effectively to the fast pace of last-minute campaigns and promotions, it is important to always have the most adequate materials available, safe and certified for specific applications. This represents the challenge taken up by the Guandong R&D department, which has intercepted a growing interest in the ‘apply and remove’ trend in wall decoration, traditionally realised using wallpaper. A material that, even in its most advanced versions, presents critical issues in terms of application, removal speed, residue, resistance and disposal is Guandong’s new, intriguing concept of Wall Dressing. Wall Dressing is designed to dress and cover walls in just a few minutes, thanks to interchangeable solutions featuring the most diverse textures, but all of them capable of combining simplicity, speed of application and removal, safety and, above all, an environment-friendly soul, in line with increasingly widespread needs in the field of eco-sustainability.