SENFA enhances its textile portfolio


The textile range of SENFA has been enhanced with the introduction of Alterra, a 100 percent recycled polyester textile made from previously consumed plastic bottles. The product is ideal choice for those who need an HD quality printed backlit product with a lower environmental impact. It is now available up to 5.10 m. SENFA offers innovative solutions based on cutting-edge French expertise in coating technical textiles. A know-how combining substrates and functionalisation to achieve performances such as blackout, fireproofing, impermeability, diffusion, printability, water repellency and acoustics for large-scale projects, SENFA’s technical textiles are designed to meet the need of service of designers of impactful and innovative visual experiences. Made with 100 percent post-consumer recycled polyester yarns, mainly from plastic bottles, Alterra collection’s mission is to reduce the environmental impact. The product is perfect for visual campaigns.