Apsom Infotex installs first Brother GTXpro BULK direct-to-garment printer at Sambhav Clothing

Apsom Infotex Pvt Ltd, an authorised distributor of Brother direct-to-garment printers in India, has marked its first milestone installation of GTXpro BULK machine at Sambhav Clothing in Bengaluru. Brother GTXpro BULK model is the next-generation decorating technology for high-volume garment printing.


Its industrial grade construction, user friendliness, ease of operation and vibrant colour reproduction make Brother GTXpro BULK a machine with an amazing performance in garment printing. It’s a scalable system that grows with business.

Nishanth Jain, Managing Director of Sambhav Clothing said that they had been in pursuit of a best-in-class garment printer backed by best-in-industry service. “Our search came to a halt at Apsom Infotex when we embarked upon the Brother GTXpro BULK,” he remarked.

He continued, “Our association with Myntra as well as being into this highly competitive personalised T-shirt printing industry eventually demands a machine that could provide constant output with premium quality print. Apsom Infotex helped us by suggesting the right fit for this requirement—Brother GTXpro BULK.”

According to Nishanth, Brother GTXpro BULK provides state-of-the-art technology along with production speed and print quality. “One can maximize ROI by taking advantage of efficiencies in ink system, maintenance component and operation cost of this machine,” he emphasises, adding that the machine has opened new avenues for Sambhav Clothing by helping in reduction of inventory cost to a great extent.

When asked about the after-sales service, Nishanth said that the decision to buy Brother GTXpro BULK was influenced by the authenticity that Apsom Infotex guaranteed them for the service as lifespan of the machine would depend on the service that is offered post purchase. “We could clearly evident it from the smooth installation that Apsom Infotex handled right from inception till the end,” he informed.

Located in Sudam Nagar in Bengaluru, Sambhav Clothing is one of the leading companies in the city which primarily deals in customised garmentprinting, particularly T-shirts. The company boasts of a team of 10 well-trained and experienced staffers. Reaping the benefits of the newly installed GTXpro BULKwith an innovative bulk ink system, together with a new, improved printhead, Sambhav Clothing now goes for mass production without sacrificing in print quality.

Nishanth conclusively said GTXpro BULK is a smart machine that offers value for money with unmatched service from Apsom Infotex.