OSRAM launches a Sustainable (Non-PVC) Signage LED Module

With the vision of ‘Light for a Better World’, OSRAM has launched a brand-new LED sign lighting module, BackLED M CP G4ADV. OSRAM is a leading global high-tech photonics company with a history dating back to more than 110 years. It is headquartered in Munich, Germany.


The signage industry is witnessing a surge owing to the growing use of advertising via signage especially by the government and public sectors. Particularly the double-digit year-on-year increase in the capital expenditure for infrastructure segment in 2020-21 and overspreading metro/airport/rail network provides a vast sea of opportunity ahead. The need of the market is directed towards an environment-friendly, reliable and easy-to-use lighting system.

The OSRAM LED sign lighting module, BackLED M CP G4ADV is able to cater to this market need with unique features such as:

  • Halogen free without gas hazard for public safety
  • Specific design for subway safety
  • Square lens technology for best light uniformity in light boxes & stretched ceilings (a patented technology by OSRAM)
  • Pitch: Height ratio > 2:1
  • PVC free material
  • Flammability rating V-0
  • High reliability
  • 5-year warranty
  • IP66 rating
  • 50,000 burning hours
  • Availability in 6500/8000K

The most important feature of BackLED M CP G4ADV being its flammability rating of UL 94 V-0 for all the components.


Public safety & energy saving

Public safety & energy saving are the foremost presiding factors towards the development of BackLED M CP G4ADV. This module, made of low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) materials, is designed for public infrastructure and rail transport applications to safeguard public security and environmental health. The LSZH material is highly heat resistant and it avoids releasing hazardous gases which may harm people onsite in subways, airports and other public places in case of fire or other accidents.

With Non-PVC, Low Smoke, Zero Halogen, this can also be an ideal solution for corporates for contributing to environment and society with following benefits:

  • Reducing energy costs
  • Low operational and maintenance costs
  • Enhancing organisation’s public image
  • Improving compliance with Indian and international regulatory standards
  • Fulfilling corporate social responsibility with safer and environment friendly signage lighting solutions

Additionally, dedicatedly working towards saving energy and reducing light pollution, OSRAM offers an integrated lighting system that aims to produce a digital controllable ‘smart lightbox’, so that the brightness of the lightbox can be set through the lighting control system for different time sections.

Alternatively, the lightboxes and other lighting devices in the scenario can be connected with the lighting control system to create a joint lighting system, accessible and controllable at the background. This energy-saving, emission-reducing solution will lower the light pollution, making the lighting more reasonable as well as efficient. These digital controllable smart lightboxes can regulate the colour temperature and brightness automatically through the Presence Sensing and Daylight Sensing functions.

In addition to the selection of LSZH materials for increased public security & the digital smart controllable lightbox solution, OSRAM sign lighting system portfolio continues to introduce solutions which not only care for sustainability of the environment, but also address the challenges of sustainable healthy use of light for the benefit of the living environment and health of the mankind.