Infinity Digital Solutions (IDS) unpacks three new flagship products

Creating an ideal solution for creative and innovative sign making, Infinity Digital Solutions (IDS) has announced three new products—IDS F3015E Fiber/Metal Laser Cutting Machine, IDS 1325 High Speed Woodworking Machine and IDS 1390 CNC Computerised Laser Engraving Machine.

IDS F3015E Fiber / Metal Laser Cutting Machine

Designed for cutting all kinds of sheet metals by air/nitrogen/oxygen, IDS F3015E Fiber/Metal Laser Cutting Machine is a very low cost, internationally advanced brand with high and stable function. The life span of the machine is over 100,000 hours. Its dimension (LxWxH) is 4.32×2.6×1.9m. This heavy duty and maintenance free machine is equipped with imported servo motor and gearing system to guarantee precise cutting with high efficiency. Flexible and easy to operate, dedicated software enables graphics or text to instantly design and process.

IDS 1325 High Speed Woodworking Machine

This high speed woodworking machine has X/Y axis working area of 1300×2500 mm and Z axis working area of 220 mm with optional T-slot/vacuum table. The system can run at the maximum speed of <20,000mm/sec and maximum engraving speed of 8000-15000 mm/min. With 3KW/6KW H2D spindle power, this CNC engraving & cutting system can run at the spindle speed of 0–1800 rpm. The range of materials compatible with this system include MDF, wood, wave /aluminium panels, inscribed wooden slip, PVC board, Corian sheet, brass and others.

IDS 1390 CNC Computerised Laser Engraving Machine

With working area of 1300×900 mm and dimension of 1.85 x1.33 x 1.1 m, this laser engraving system boasts of engraving speed of <500 mm/sec and cutting speed of <400 mm/sec. Featuring advanced LCD touch screen + USB port + DSP offline control, USB communication, the LCD control system owns 128M memory, compatible with AutoCAD, CorelDraw and Photoshop. Other features include linear guide rail and optional system, dustproof and lubricate. With special front and back running-through design, the machine’s unique door is designed for accepting limitless engraving materials.

Based in New Delhi, Infinity Digital Solutions is a distributor of a line of high-end printers such as MIMAKI, Docan and others.