Depicting expertises of Edelweiss Group in origami designs

Design firm Leaf Design has nurtured limitless possibilities and solution through disruptive metaphor of origami paper art to portray the expertises of Edelweiss House, a financial powerhouse, in Mumbai. Origami shapes paper into million possibilities, depicting intelligent and smart solutions. Even the custom number typography was designed using the theme of origami.


Client: Edelweiss House
Location: Mumbai
Work: Brand environment strategy and
way-finding systems
Industry: Finance services

Client’s summary

Being one of India’s leading diversified financial services company Edelweiss Group provides a broad range of financial products and services to a substantial and diversified client base that includes corporations, institutions and individuals. At the core of Edelweiss is the philosophy of ‘ideas create, values protect’ translated into an approach that is led by entrepreneurship and creativity.

Challenge & approach

The challenge in the project was to align employees and clients with brand belief of crafting intelligent personal wealth solutions. Then the approach was to nurture limitless possibilities and solution through disruptive metaphor origami paper art.

Crafting intelligent wealth solution

Origami is a craft which shapes paper into million possibilities. The term derives from Japanese words ori (folding) and kami (paper). Leaf Design had chosen it to depict expertises of Edelweiss House, financial powerhouse, with a metaphor for shaping intelligent and smart solutions.

Effective navigation with bold identifications

Even the custom number typography was designed using the theme of origami. Bold and colour coded floor identification numbers contrasted with a dark background to distinguish each floor distinctly.

Brightening the space

To brighten up the cold, dark parking basements at Edelweiss House, vivid orange, green and yellow way-finding parking signs were designed. They also created a cheerful environment in sync with the entire building.

About Leaf Design

Leaf Design is about changing the way people feel, talk and live. Founded in 2002, this Mumbai-based design firm responds to a change, using design, main philosophy of the creative team as they constantly try to re-imagine the convergence of technology and design that can bring new ideas to life. By staying focused on their core competencies in strategic thinking, holistic branding and user-centred design, Leaf Design helps brands identify opportunities, differentiate presence and foster business. The team Leaf Design is headed by Sumit Patel, Co-founder & Director; Sandeep Ozarde, Co-founder & Director; and Mahendra Patel, Chief Mentor. The team ignites meaningful exchange of ideas for positive change in every single project they handle and work in an environment connecting the professionals in different ways through conversations, behaviours and interactions. To know more about Leaf Design and their works, log on to:, Courtesy: